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Course Description


Prerequisite: Physics 435.

Time-dependent fields. Electromagnetic induction, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic wave propagation in various media and structures, and electromagnetic radiation from charge and current distributions. Relativistic covariance of Maxwell's equations.

It's the second semester of the E&M sequence. I'll assume you've completed the first.


Two major goals:





Your final grade for Physics 436 will be based upon your total score on all the components of the course. The total possible score is 1000 points.


 Homework Lateness Policy


Homework sets and due dates will be are available through Schedule & Course Materials.
Homework sets are to be placed in the 436 homework box (located on the north side of Loomis Lab, between rooms 267 and 271 Loomis Lab) by 5 pm (usually a Friday )
Late homework sets must be deposited in the 436 box as well. HW submitted up to three days late will receive a penalty of 10%, HW submitted up to 1 week late will receive a penalty of 30%, and HW submitted more than 1 week late will receive no credit.
We will need to have a shortened HW final deadline for any credit before each exam so I can post relevant solutions. See the Schedule for details.
Course Component Number of Assignments Number Dropped per Semester Maximum Points per Semester
Homework 11 1 300
Discussion Attendance 13 0 50
Hour Exams 3 0 300
Final Exam 1 0 350