Physics 436
Electromagnetic Fields II
Spring 2017

Welcome !!


3/14: HERE are bonus problems to work. I will outline the procedure in class, March 15, and they will be due on March 29 in class. I will not provide any assistance in working these problems, nor provide any additional information about them outside of class.

3/7: This Friday (March 10), our class will be relocated to accommodate the incoming grad student open house. We will be meeting in 135 Mechanical Engineering Building. I also need to reschedule my office hours to 4:30 - 5:30 PM THIS FRIDAY ONLY

3/7: I need to GENERALLY reschedule my Friday office hours to 3 - 4PM, beginning NEXT Friday, 3/17.

2/17: Here is the equation sheet you'll be given for Exam 1 on 2/22

1/17: There WILL be a Discussion Section this week on 1/17! It will be a review of PHYS 435 material.