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PS #8. A clarification for problem 2e of PS #8: the sketch should be of μ(T) vs. T. The revised problem set has been posted on the schedule page. 

Lect. 15. A small typographically error was found in the Lect. 15 notes, p. 6. The chemical potential for a gas with Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics should be μ = +kBT ln(n/nQ). The corrected lecture notes have been posted on the schedule page.


Midterm 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2-3:20 pm in class. The exam will cover material from Lect. 8 (Heat & work) through Lect. 16 (Fermi gas). The exam will be in-class, closed-book, and will consist of 3 homework-style questions, same as Midterm 1. No notes will be allowed in the exam: a formula sheet will be provided. 

Some tips for preparing and some study resources:

1) Review key concepts from the lecture notes 

2) Focus on problem solving. Review lecture questions, discussion problems, homework, and solution sets. All of these are available on the schedule page

3) Here is the formula sheet that will be provided for Midterm 2; study its contents carefully

4) Practice with old exams. Here is Midterm 2 from Fall 2016 and solution set. Please be aware that due to schedule differences between the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters, this past midterm did not cover the exact same material (Heat & work, Thermodynamics potentials, and Gibbs free energy were not covered).

5) Here are extra practice problems.


Starting with PS #3, we will encounter certain types of integrals containing exponentials (Gaussian, gamma function) and infinite series. Here is a math worksheet from last semester for those looking for a review/practice of those concepts. Also, Appendix A of Kittel and Kroemer discusses these types of integrals.