The following books should be on reserve at Grainger Engineering Library.

Author: Albert, D.
Title: Quantum Mechanics and Experience
Call #: 530.16AL14Q

Author: Albert, D.
Title: Time and Chance
Call #: 530.11Al142t

Author: Audi, M.
Title: The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Call #: 530.12AU2I

Author: Bastin, T.
Title: Quantum Theory and Beyond
Call #: 530.12Q254

Author: Bell, J.
Title: Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics
Call #: 530.12B413S

Author: Bohm, D.
Title: Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
Call #: 530.1B63C1971

Author: Bohr, N.
Title: Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge
Call #: 530.1B632a

Author: Bohr, N.
Title: Atomic Theory and the Description of Nature
Call #: 539.1B635AE

Author: Capek, M.
Title: The Concepts of Space and Time
Call #: 115C744

Author: Colodny, R.
Title: Paradigms and Paradoxes
Call #: 530.12C71P

Author: Cushing, J. T.
Title: Philosophical Concepts in Physics
Call #: 530.01C955P

Author: Davies, P.
Title: Other Worlds
Call #: 530.12D288O

Author: Davies, P.
Title: Space and Time in the Modern Universe
Call #: 530.11D28S

Author: Dewitt, B.
Title: The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Call #: 530.12D51m

Author: Earman, J.
Title: World Enough and Space-Time
Call #: 530.11EA76W

Author: Einstein, A.
Title: Relativity: The Special and the General Theory
Call #: 530.11EI6UEL1948

Author: d'Espagnat, Bernard
Title: In Search of Reality
Call #: 530.01ES61A:E

Author: Feynman, R.
Title: The Character of Physical Law, 1994 ed.
Call #: 530F438C1994

Author: Feynman, R.
Title: The Character of Physical Law
Call #: 530F438C

Author: Folse, H.
Title: The Philosophy of Niels Bohr
Call #: 501F73p

Author: Frank, P.
Title: Modern Science and its Philosophy
Call #: 501F85M

Author: Geroch, R.
Title: General Relativity from A to B
Call #: 530.11G319G

Author: Gillespie, D.
Title: A Quantum Mechanics Primer
Call #: 530.12G41q1976

Author: Gold, T.
Title: The Nature of Time
Call #: 530.1G56N

Author: Graves, J. C.
Title: The Conceptual Foundations of Contemporary Relativity Theory
Call #: 530.11G78C

Author: Greene, B.
Title: The Fabric of the Cosmos
Call #: 523.1G83f

Author: Hawking, S.
Title: A Brief History of Time
Call #: QB981.H3771988

Author: Herbert, N.
Title: Quantum Reality
Call #: 530.12H415Q

Author: Hesse, M.
Title: Forces and Fields
Call #: 530.9H46F

Author: Ismael, J. T.
Title: How Physics Makes Us Free
Call #: 530.01Is5h

Author: Jaki, S. L.
Title: The Relevance of Physics
Call #: 530.101J21r

Author: Koestler, A.
Title: The Sleepwalkers
Call #: 215K812S

Author: Koestler, A.
Title: The Sleepwalkers, with introduction by H. Butterfield
Call #: 215K812S

Author: Kuhn, T.
Title: The Copernican Revolution
Call #: 523.2K94C1959

Author: Kuhn, T.
Title: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 3rd ed.
Call #: 501K93s1996

Author: Lange, M.
Title: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics
Call #: 530.01L26i

Author: Leggett, A. J.
Title: The Problems of Physics
Call #: 530L524p

Author: Margenau, H.
Title: The Nature of Physical Reality
Call #: 530.1M336n1959

Author: Milburn, G.
Title: The Feynman Processor
Call #: 004.1M589f

Author: Mittelstaedt
Title: Quantum Logic
Call #: 530.12M692Q

Author: Murdoch, D.
Title: Niels Bohr's Philosophy of Physics
Call #: 530.0924B635M

Author: Nerlich, G.
Title: The Shape of Space
Call #: 114N35s

Author: Park, D. A.
Title: The Image of Eternity
Call #: 115P219I

Author: Petersen, A.
Title: Quantum Physics and the Philosophical Tradition
Call #: 530.12P44Q1968

Author: Price, H.
Title: Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point
Call #: 523.1P931T

Author: Reichenbach, H.
Title: The Direction of Time
Call #: 530.1R271D

Author: Reichenbach, H.
Title: The Philosophy of Space and Time
Call #: 113R27p:Er

Author: Rohrlich, F.
Title: From Paradox to Reality
Call #: 530.11R636F

Author: Rohrlich, F.
Title: From Paradox to Reality, 1989 ed.
Call #: 530.11R636f1989

Author: Schilpp
Title: Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist
Call #: B.E352S

Author: Sciama, D. W.
Title: The Physical Foundations of General Relativity
Call #: 530.11SCI1P

Author: Sklar, L.
Title: Space, Time, and Spacetime
Call #: 115Sk41s1977c.2

Author: Sklar, L.
Title: Philosophy of Physics
Call #: 530.01SK41P

Author: Smart, J. J. C.
Title: Problems of Space and Time
Call #: 115.408Sm2p

Author: Squires, E.
Title: The Mystery of the Quantum World
Call #: 530.12Sq58m1994

Author: Toulmin, S.
Title: Physical Reality
Call #: 530.01T64P

Author: Wald, R. M.
Title: General Relativity
Call #: 530.11W142G

Author: Whittaker, E. T.
Title: A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity
Call #: 537.1 W61h 1960

Author: Will, C. M.
Title: Was Einstein Right?
Call #: 530.11W66W1993

Author: Willis, H.
Title: A Brief Handbook of English
Call #: 428.2W67b