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1. Introduction to Physics 401 course

 2. Introduction to oscilloscope, function generator, digital multi-meter

3. Transient and oscillations in RLC circuits

4. Frequency domain analysis of linear circuits using synchronous detection

5. Pulses in transmission lines

6. Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

7. Basic Error Analysis

    Working with Histogram Graph. Millikan Oil Drop Experiment

8. Torsion Oscillator. Transients and Damping.

     Turbulent damping data analysis

9. Driven Torsional Oscillator

    Analysis of Subharmonics

10. Hall Probe Measurement of Magnetic Fields

11. Introduction to Modern Physics Course (P403)

12. Qualitative Studies with Microwaves

13. Microwave Cavities

14. AC Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility (part 1)

15. AC Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility (part 2)


Please see the class policy for an explanation of how this course works. Also, please consult the syllabus to help you keep track of what is due when.


Excused Absences

You must have something in writing to be excused from a class. If you are too sick to get out of bed you should call Dial-a-Nurse. You must bring any absence excuses to 231/233 Loomis in person along with a filled "Course absence form" as soon as you return to class.

The deadline for turning in your excuses is within two weeks of the absence. Excuses from the emergency dean must be turned in within one week of the date on the letter. Obviously if you are absent the last week of the semester or have not received your excuse from the emergency dean, you should bring your excuse to us as soon as you receive it.

An EX means that the absence will not count against your grade, but an ABS becomes a zero. Please make sure you know your section(s) and TA name(s) of the classes you missed.