Physics 326
Classical Mechanics II

Prof. Benjamin Hooberman

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Discussion Homework Lecture notes Gradebook

All HW assignments are due Friday at 6 PM for full credit and may be turned in for 80% credit until the following Monday at 6 PM .

Due dateAssignment Checkpoints Solutions
Jan 26 HW1 Checkpoint1 Solutions
Feb 2 HW2 Checkpoint2 Solutions
Feb 9 (extended to Feb 14) HW3 Checkpoint3 Solutions
Feb 16 HW4 Checkpoint4 Solutions
Feb 23 HW5 Checkpoint5 Solutions
Mar 2 midterm1 info - -
Mar 9 HW7 Checkpoint7 Solutions
Mar 16 HW8 Checkpoint8 Solutions
Mar 30 HW9 Checkpoint9 Solutions
Apr 6 HW10 Checkpoint10 Solutions
Apr 13 HW11 Checkpoint11 Solutions
Apr 20 midterm2 info - -
Apr 27 HW13 Checkpoint13 Solutions
PRACTICE HW14 Checkpoint14 Solutions