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James Scholar Assignment #2

Remember: You must choose (and stick with) one of the two tracks.

All summaries or essays must be 1.5 - 2 pages long, single-spaced, 12 point font (PDF, TEXT, or Microsoft Word 2003 or later). Please include your name and NetID on your paper.

Track A: Read and discuss chapter 2 of QED.

Track B: Choose from one of these two:

  1. Read the Physics World article on Single-electron transistors (SETs).
    • Describe the operating principle.
    • Explain what might go into a calculation of the current through such a device.
    • Comment on the fabrication and operation challenges.
    • Do a little web search and find at least three more up-to-date facts on SETs.
  2. Read the Scientific American article on "Spintronics".
    • Summarize the potential advantages.
    • Describe the operating principle.
    • List three recent experimental developments not mentioned in this article.
    • Comment on the fabrication and operation challenges.

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