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Office Hours Page is Updated with greatly expanded hours for remainder of semester!

Information about an optional retake is available here. This is only recommended if you scored below a 65% on the exam, and feel that you can do significantly better.

You can sign up for the retake from the CBTF website.  You may need to add the physics 211 course in the CBTF in order to see the option for reserving a time for the retake.


Welcome to physics 211!


You will need to get flipitPhysics access and do the first prelecture and checkpoint before you go to the first lecture.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Register button, and create an account using your "" email address
  3. Complete your profile, then click on the Enrollments Tab
  4. Click on the [Join a Course] link and enter UIP211SP18
  5. Enter your NetID (e.g. whatever is in front of "" in your email address) and click "Enroll Course"


Students must be on time and prepared for lecture.


Students must be on time and prepared for lab.


Students must be on time and prepared for discussion.

Excused Absences

Academic Integrity