ME 360 (AL2): Signal Processing

FALL 2018

Instructor: K. C. Toussaint, Jr.

MWF 3-4:15 pm, MEB 253

Office Hours: W 11:00-1:00 pm or by appointment, MEL 2119


About the Course

This course explores basic methods of analyzing signals and systems, and includes both a lecture and lab component. The lectures cover analog and digital signal processing and some feedback control methods with emphasis on frequency domain techniques, as well as frequency response of continuous and discrete systems. Labs explore basic electromechanical techniques used in modern instrumentation and control systems, transducers and actuators, signal conditioning, grounding, and shielding.

Text: Ambardar, Analog and Digital Signal Processing, 2nd Ed., 1999.

Reference Texts: J. Bentsman, Introduction to Signal Processing, Instrumentation, and Control, 2016, or any other dynamic systems analysis text.



Teaching Assistant: Mr. Yang Li  Office Hours: Thurs. 2-4 pm; Location: MEB 030




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