ME170 - Computer Aided Design - Class Website

~ Fall 2019 ~

Lectures in 2079 Natural History Bldg. (next door to Illini Union bldg.)
Tues/Thurs 8am-8:50am

Lab sections in EWS Lab; room 1009 MEL (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory)

Lab open hours are:
8am-midnight Mon-Thurs
8am-10pm Friday
10am-10pm Saturdays
10am-midnight Sundays

Link to campus maps for location of the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory building
If you enter MEL from the John Bardeen Quad (west entrance), turn left down first corridor,
1009 is the first room on the left.

Class Notes and Handouts

Class TextBook (available from most campus bookstores)
"Creo Parametric 5.0 Basic Design", by Steven G. Smith, published by Cadquest inc.

Syllabus, Schedule, and Class Notes/Presentations:
ME170 Course Syllabus
ME170 Class Schedule
Introduction to ME170
MechSE Design Process
Human Centered Design and Engineering
Introduction to Design For Manufacture (DFM)
Ideation - Project Case Studies
Product Design Specification
Concept Selection
Ethical and Professional Responsibilities of an Engineer
Engineering_Drawing_Notes - Part A - Coordinate Dimensiong and Tolerancing
Engineering Drawing Notes - Part B - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T))

Lab Assignments

Lab #1 - Finding Needs
Lab #1 - Handout
Lab #1 - Interview Packet

Lab #2 - Downloading + Synthesis

Lab #3 - How might we...?

Lab Assignment #4 - Introduction to Hand Sketching

Lab Assignment #5 - Introduction to Creo - CAD files used in this assignment

Lab Assignment #6: Intro to Creo Part Modeling

Lab Assignment #7 - More Creo, 3D Printer Training, & PDS

Lab Assignment #8 - Blend and Sweep Features, & Concept Selection matrix

Lab Assignment #9 - Creative Part Modeling
Email with order details for Lab#9
Help with Helical Sweeps - for the threads in Plastic End Cap

Lab Assignment #10 - Patterns & Model Modifications

Lab Assignment #11 - Detail Drawings
Parameter Changes - config
Parameter Changes - 170dwgconfig

Lab Assignment #12 - Assembly Modeling and Drawing, plus Mechanism Analysis and Animation
BOM Help
CAD files used for mechanism analysis
Animation Help/Guide


Lecture Class Assignments

Lecture Class Assignment #1 - DFM of Toaster

Lecture Class Assignment #2 - DFM for Injection Molding and sheet metal Stamping

Lecture Class Assignment #3 - In-class sketching exercises with Prof. Bullock

Lecture Class Assignment #4- Design project case studies - home office chair

Lecture Class Assignment #5 - Engineering Drawings

Lecture Class Assignment #6 - Engineering Drawings cont./a>

Lecture Class Assignment #7 - Engineering Drawings cont.

Lecture Class Assignment #8 - Tolerances

Lecture Class Assignment #9 - Tolerances for Sheet Metal and Injection Molding

Lecture Class Assignment #10 - Radial Tolerances

Lecture Class Assignment #11 - Worst Case Tolerances

Lecture Class Assignment #12 - Worst Case Axial Tolerances

Lecture Class Assignment #13 - aPriori Analysis of Bracket - part 1
Lecture Class Assignment #13 - part


Grades - Lab Section AB1
Grades - Lab Section AB2
Grades - Lab Section AB3
Grades - Lab Section AB4
Grades - Lab Section AB5
Grades - Lab Section AB6
Grades - Lab Section AB7

Term Design Project

Term Design Project - Summary

Term Design Project - Details
Grading Template - Presentation
Grading Template - Written Report
Excel template - Manufacturing BOM for aPriori Cost Analysis

Office Hours and Contact Information

Mike Philpott
Office Hours: 1pm-2pm Mondays, 9am-10am Thurs (or by arrangement)
Office: 3007 MEL

Manan Mehta
Office Hours: 2-3pm Wednesdays and Fridays (or by arrangement)
Office: 1009 MEL

Ophelia Bolmin
Office Hours: 8:30am-9:30am Fridays, 4-5pm Fridays (or by arrangement)
Office: 1009 MEL

Ruoyu Sun
Office Hours: Wednesdas 4-5pm and Fridays 12-1pm (or by arrangement)
Office: 1009 MEL

Other Resources

PTC/ProEngineer/Creo CAD software (free student copy - Windows only):
Creo Parametric 5.0 (aka. ProEngineer)
When you get to the version selection menu at this link, click on "Creo 5.0 for Windows" (NOT Creo 6.0 !!)
There is no requirement to download this software, as it is available in the EWS labs; but it will be convenient to have access on your own computer to complete lab assignments in your own time and to work on your design projects.


Use Citrix for remote access to Creo 5.0 on lab workstations:
Link to Citrix Service information
You can log into your EWS account, access your lab EWS files, and run Creo Parametric 5.0 remotely using this service
Supports Windows, Mac OSX, EWS Linux, Android and iOS

For further information on EWS workstations:
EWS Manual

For news on Pro/Engineer and its latest release ProE/Creo:
Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

For news on Professor Philpott's CAD-integrated Design-to-Cost software:
aPriori Technologies inc.
'aPriori' Software available in the EWS labs - under 'Start', or use search