Course ScheduleΒΆ

The course schedule would be adjusted according to the course progress and students’ interests. Please send email to course instructor/TA if you are particularly interested in a specific topic. In each lecture, we will discuss one or two papers and the other papers will be optional reading.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Jan 15
No class
Jan 16 Jan 17
Lec-1: Introduction: Memory & Storage Systems
Assignment-0: student information sheet
Jan 18 Jan 19
Jan 22
Lec-2: Big Memory Management
Reading: DirectSegment (ISCA'13), Igens (OSDI'16)
Optional: RMM (ISCA'16), SpaceJMP (ASPLOS'16)
Jan 23 Jan 24
Lec-3: Virtual Memory and Address Translation
Reading: MIX TLB (ASPLOS'17), SharedTLB (EuroSys'16) Optional: SpecTLB (ISCA'11), Mallacc (ASPLOS'17)
Assignment-1: Test your machine's memory hierarchy
Jan 25 Jan 26
Jan 29
Lec-4: Non-Volatile Memory System I
Reading: PCM (ISCA'09), PMFS (EuroSys'14, Best Paper) Optional: BPFS (SOSP'09), Mnemosyne (ASPLOS'11), NV-Heaps (ASPLOS'11), Aerie (EuroSys'14)
Jan 30 Jan 31
Lec-5: Non-Volatile Memory System II
Reading: NOVA-Fortis (SOSP'17), Kamino-Tx (EuroSys'17) Optional: NV-Tree (FAST'15), Mojim (ASPLOS'15)
Feb 1 Feb 2
Assignment-1 Due (Deadline extended to 11:59am Feb 4)
Feb 5
Lec-6: Memory Persistency
Reading: Memory Persistency (ISCA'14), Kiln (MICRO'13) Optional: Persistent Transactions (ASPLOS'15), Proteus (MICRO'17)
Assignment-2: GC Schemes in SSDs
Feb 6 Feb 7
Lec-7: Flash Memory
Reading: DFTL (ASPLOS'09), FlashMap (ISCA'15)
Optional: MARS (SOSP'13), Transactional Flash (OSDI'08), F2FS (FAST'15)
Slides: Lec7-1, Lec7-2
Feb 8 Feb 9
Feb 12
Lec-8: DRAM System
(Guest lecture by Prof. Nam Sung Kim)
Feb 13 Feb 14
Lec-9: Software Defined Flash
Reading: FlashBlox (FAST'17), App-Managed Flash (FAST'16)
Optional: SDF (ASPLOS'14), LightNVM (FAST'17)
Slides: Lec9-1, Lec9-2
Feb 15 Feb 16
Feb 19
Lec-10: Predictable Storage Performance
Reading: Split-Level I/O Scheduling (SOSP'15), MittOS (SOSP'17)
Optional: Differentiated Storage (SOSP'11)
Feb 20 Feb 21
Lec-11: Near-Storage Computing I
Reading: Willow (OSDI'14), Biscuit (ISCA'16),
Optional: Summarizer (MICRO'17)
Feb 22 Feb 23 Assignment-2 Due
Feb 26
Lec-12: Near-Storage Computing II
Reading: BlueDBM (ISCA'15), TOM (ISCA'16)
Optional: Morpheus (ISCA'16)
Feb 27 Feb 28
Lec-13: Heterogeneous Memory Systems
Reading: Data Tiering (EuroSys'16), Strata (SOSP'17)
Optional: NVDIMM (MICRO'16), Stacked DRAM (MICRO'14)
Mar 1 Mar 2
Summary of related work (Due: 6pm Sunday, Mar 4)
Mar 5
Lec-14: Reliable Storage Systems
Reading: Push-Button Verification (OSDI'16, Best Paper), Container-based FS (OSDI'14)
Optional: FS Model Checking (OSDI'04, Best Paper), Differential RAID (EuroSys'10)
Mar 6 Mar 7
Lec-15: Secure Memory System
Reading: Silent Shredder (ASPLOS'17), ANVIL (ASPLOS'16)
Optional: Memory Errors (ASPLOS'15), DEUCE (ASPLOS'15)
Mar 8 Mar 9
Project Proposal (Due: 11:59pm Friday, Mar 9)
Mar 12
Lec-16: Secure Storage System
Reading: FlashGuard (CCS'17), Self-Securing Storage (OSDI'00)
Optional: Storage Security Evaluation (FAST'02)
Mar 13 Mar 14
Lec-17: Project Proposal Presentation
Mar 15 Mar 16
Mar 19
No Class
Mar 20 Mar 21
No Class
Mar 22 Mar 23
Mar 26
Lec-18: In-Memory Storage Systems
Reading: RAMCloud (SOSP'13), FaRM (NSDI'14)
Optional: Log-structured Memory (FAST'14)
Mar 27 Mar 28
Lec-19: High-Performance In-Memory Applications
Reading: In-Memory Databases (SOSP'13), In-Memory Transaction Processing (SOSP'15)
Optional: Phase Reconciliation (OSDI'14)
Mar 29 Mar 30
Apr 2
Lec-20: Rack-Scale Storage I
Reading: Disaggregated Memory (ISCA'09), ReFlex (ASPLOS'17)
Optional: Flash Storage Disaggregation (EuroSys'16), QuickSAN (ISCA'13)
Apr 3 Apr 4
Lec-21: Rack-Scale Storage II
Reading: Pelican (OSDI'14), InfiniSwap (NSDI'17)
Optinonal: Network Requirement for Resource Disaggregation (OSDI'16)
Apr 5 Apr 6
Apr 9
Lec-22: Cloud Storage
Reading: Multi-tenant Cloud Storage (OSDI'12), IOFlow (SOSP'13) Optional: Virtual IOPS (EuroSys'14), Consistency-Based SLA (SOSP'13)
Apr 10 Apr 11
Lec-23: Memory Management in Systems Virtualization
Reading: VMware ESX (OSDI'02), Hardware-Assisted Page Walks (ISCA'12)
Optional: VSwapper (ASPLOS'14), 2D Page Walks (ASPLOS'08)
Apr 12 Apr 13
Apr 16
Lec-24: Memory/Storage for Hardware Accelerators
Reading: Cohesion (ISCA'10), GPUfs (ASPLOS'13)
Optional: Unified Address Space (ASPLOS'14), ActivePointers (ISCA'16)
Apr 17 Apr 18
Lec-25: Mobile/Wearable/IoT Storage
Reading: WearDrive (USENIX ATC'15, Best Paper), SummaryStore (SOSP'17)
Optional: Revisiting Mobile Storage (FAST'12), BtrDB (FAST'16)
Apr 19 Apr 20
Apr 23
Lec-26: When Memory/Storage Meet Networking
Reading: IncBricks (ASPLOS'17), NetCache (SOSP'17)
Optional: sRoute (FAST'16), Page Fault for Network Controller (ASPLOS'17)
Apr 24 Apr 25
Lec-27: Large-Scale Distributed Storage Systems
Reading: Spanner (OSDI'12), SVE (SOSP'17)
Optional: F4 (OSDI'14), Azure Storage (SOSP'13)
Apr 26 Apr 27
Apr 30
No Class
May 1 May 2
No Class
May 3 May 4
May 7
Lec-28: Final Exam (tentative)
May 8 May 9 May 10
May 11
Lec-29: Final Project Presentation (tentative)