Assignment 0

Please submit a one-page self-introduction. It should include the following information:

  • your full name
  • your email address
  • your department/major
  • degree you are working on (PhD/MS/BS)
  • which year are you in
  • your research area/topic and advisor (if you know)
  • why are you taking this course
  • what do you expect to learn from this course
  • any specific topic you want to learn in this course

Assignment 1

This is an individual assignment. Write a C program to determine the line size and the capacity of the last level cache, and the memory latency of a computer system. A simplified program will be provided, you need to implement the key logistics.

  • Report the results of the machine your tested
  • Explain the reasons for the conclusion you get from the experiments

[This assignment refers to the course Advanced Topics in Memory Systems provided by Prof. Moin Qureshi at Georgia Tech]

Assignment 2

Garbage collection (GC) in modern SSDs affects the storage performance significantly. In this assignment, we will have a contest on the GC schemes. An SSD simulator and a set of storage traces will be provided. You are allowed to work individually on this assignment or form a team that has no more than TWO members.

  • Compare the storage performance of the existing GC schemes
  • Propose your GC scheme, implement it, and evaluate its performance
  • Write a report to explain the insights your learn from the experiments