ECE 598JZ: Radio-Freq IC & System Dsgn


Instructor: Prof. Jin Zhou
Office: 405 CSL
E-mail: jinzhou[at]
Office Hrs: Mon. 12:00 noon-1:00 PM
Office Hrs Location: 405 CSL

Teaching Assistants:

TA: Yuhe Cao
Office: 424 CSL
E-mail: yuhecao2[at]
Office Hrs: Fri. 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Office Hrs Location: 419 CSL


Times Days Location
11:00 - 11:50 AMMW 3013 ECEB


Times Days Location
3:00 - 4:50 PMR 2022 ECEB

Grading Rubric:

Homework 25%
Hour Exams 45%
Lab Reports 30%


ECE 483 “Analog IC Design” and one of three courses ECE 453 “Wireless Communication Systems”, ECE 447 “Active Microwave Circuit Design”, and ECE 457 “Microwave Devices and Circuits” are required.

Text Books:

  • No textbook is required; lecture notes will be used

  • Optional:

  1. B. Razavi, RF Microelectronics, 2nd edition

  2. T.H. Lee, The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits.