ECE598ID — Inverse Problems and Learning

Course description

Inverse problems are central in engineering and science. Most interesting inverse problems are ill-posed and need to be regularized. This course will cover the fundamentals of inverse problems theory including elements from functional analysis, regularization theory, and optimization. After covering the fundamentals of inverse problems, the theory and applications of machine learning to solve inverse problems will be addressed.

A good part of the course will be on the major machine learning and data driven techniques. In particular dictionary learning, transform learning and applications of deep neural networks and generative adversarial networks will be covered.

Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30pm–1:50pm, 2013 ECEB


Assignment submission


Week 1 (1/14–1/18)

Week 2 (1/21–1/25)

Week 3 (1/28–2/1)

Week 4 (2/4–2/8)

Week 5 (2/11–2/15)

Week 6 (2/18–2/22)

Week 7 (2/25–3/1)

Week 8 (3/4–3/8)

Week 9 (3/11–3/15)

Week 10 (3/18–3/22)

Week 11 (3/25–3/29)

Week 12 (4/1–4/5)

Week 13 (4/8–4/12)

Week 14 (4/15–4/19)

Week 15 (4/22–4/26)