ECE 590SIP, Spring 2018, is an informal seminar on automatic spectrogram reading. Sample code for writing and displaying spectrograms will be provided (possibly in Praat, possibly in ipython, maybe a bit of both). Sample waveforms will also be provided, and some puzzles.


Slides and Code

I-python notebooks will be posted here:

  1. Jan 17: Wideband and Narrowband Spectrograms (jupyter source)
  2. Jan 31: Manner (jupyter source)
  3. Feb 7: Vowels (jupyter source)
  4. Feb 14: Semivowels (jupyter source)
    lecture video
  5. Feb 28: The Crossword-Puzzle Method for Decoding
    • Slides containing a mystery spectrogram: PPTX, PDF
    • The same spectrogram, with IPA guesses and word guesses that were generated during our group spectrogram reading: PPTX, PDF
    • HTML and IPYNB showing how the spectrograms were computed.
    • video
  6. Mar 7: Fricatives. HTML and IPYNB
  7. Mar 14: Nasals. Yupik. HTML and IPYNB
  8. Mar 28: Stops and Affricates. Bengali HTML and IPYNB

---End of the lectures that are part of participation for ECE590 SIP.

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