ECE 590SIP, Fall 2021


ECE 590SIP is a research seminar at which students present their own work, or an interesting paper. If you are interested in seeing talks by people from other universities, you should (also) plan to attend the NLP Seminars.

Presentation Schedule, Fall 2021

Tuesday, 8/31, 16:00-16:50
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Providing Speech Technology to Under-Resourced Communities
Tuesday, 9/7, 16:00-16:50
Jialu Li, Improved Accent ASR Using Embeddings Grouped by Regions
Tuesday, 9/14, 16:00-16:50
Liming Wang, Multimodal Spoken Unit Discovery
Tuesday, 9/21, 16:00-16:50
Heting Gao, Zero-shot Cross-Lingual Phonetic Recognition with External Language Embedding
Tuesday, 9/28, 19:00-19:50
Junghyun Lee, Fast and Efficient Fair PCA via Optimization over Stiefel Manifold
Tuesday, 10/5, 16:00-16:50
John Harvill, Classification of COVID-19 from Cough Using Autoregressive Predictive Coding Pretraining and Spectral Data Augmentation
Tuesday, 10/19, 16:00-16:50
Stephen Chan, SpeechSplit 2: Unsupervised Speech Disentanglement Without Exhaustive Bottleneck Tuning
Tuesday, 11/2, 16:00-16:50
Shuju Shi, Analysis of L1 Transfer Effect on L2 Vowel Production
Tuesday, 11/9, 16:00-16:50
Mahir Morshed, Unsupervised/semi-supervised prosodic unit discovery