ECE 590SIP, Fall 2020

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ECE 590SIP is a research seminar for people interested in speech and audio processing. Students may take it on a credit/no credit basis: credit is offered if you give a research presentation at least once during the semester. Students may attend without registering, and may give a presentation without registering. To schedule a talk, contact the instructor.

Presentation Schedule, Fall 2020

Monday 9/14, 16:00-16:50
Saurabchand Bhati: Self-expressing autoencoders for unsupervised feature learning
Monday 9/21, 16:00-16:50
Leda Sari: Deep F-measure Maximization for End-to-End Speech Understanding
Siyuan Feng: Unsupervised Subword Modeling Using Autoregressive Pretraining and Cross-Lingual Phone-Aware Modeling
Monday 9/28, 16:00-16:50
Ali Abavisani: Automatic Estimation of Inteligibility Measure for Consonants in Speech
Jialu Li. Autosegmental Neural Nets: Should Phones and Tones be Synchronous or Asynchronous?
Monday 10/5, 16:00-16:50
Aamir Hassan
Monday 10/12, 16:00-16:50
Heting Gao
Monday 10/19, 16:00-16:50
John Harvill: Improving recognition for dysarthric speech
Monday 10/26, 16:00-16:50
Mahir Morshed
Monday 11/2, 16:00-16:50
Xinsheng Wang
Monday 11/9, 16:00-16:50
Jamshed Kaikaus
Monday 11/16, 16:00-16:50
Liming Wang
Monday 11/30, 16:00-16:50
Haozhong Guan
Monday 12/7, 16:00-16:50
Shuju Shi