ECE 558: Digital Imaging

Spring 2017

Course Information:

ECE 558 is a graduate course on multidimensional signals, convolution, transforms, sampling, and interpolation; design of two-dimensional digital filters; sensor array processing and range-doppler imaging; applications to synthetic aperture radar, optics, tomography, radio astronomy, and beam-forming sonar; image estimation from partial data.
Prerequisite: ECE 310 (Digital Signal Processing) and ECE 313 (Probability with Engineering Applications), or equivalent.
Instructor:  Prof. Zhizhen Zhao, 324 CSL, e-mail: zhizhenz AT illinois dot edu

Time and Location: 11:00 am -- 12:20 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, ECEB 3013
Texts: R. E. Blahut, Theory of Remote Image Formation, 2004.  
Optional reading: T. K. Moon and W. C. Stirling, Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing.
 Please check the syllabus for additional information.
Lecture Notes: 
Lecture 1: Introduction and 2D Fourier Transform
Lecture 2: Examples of 2D Fourier Transform
Lecture 3: Resolution and Projection-Slice Theorem
Lecture 4: Sampling Theory, DFT and FFT
Lecture 5: Fast Polar Fourier Transform and also the paper by Averbuch et al and another more recent paper on direct inversion of the 3D pseudo-polar Fourier transform.
Lecture 8-9: Optical Imaging System
Lecture 10: Antenna and Radar imaging.  Reading: Some applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar and Blahut Chap. 5.1. 


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