General Announcements

August 27, 2017

Welcome to ECE551, a graduate level course in digital signal processing, also known as DSP-II. In this class we will cover advanced concepts in digital signal processing (e.g geometry and algebra of signals and systems spaces, approximations, filtering etc.). The course prerequisites are undergraduate level probability and DSP (ECE313 and ECE310 or their equivalents). Background in Linear Algebra and Calculus is strongly recommended.

Homework and Other Assignments

Aug 27, 2017

Lecture Notes and Python Notebooks

Oct 23, 2017

References and Links

Aug 27, 2017


Prof. Ivan Dokmanić (dokmanic at illi...)

Office hours:
Tue. 3-4pm, 313 CSL


Elad Yarkony (yarkony2 at illi..)

Office hours:
Fri. 1-3pm, 5034 ECEB


Mon.&Wed. 10:00-11:20, 2013 ECEB