ECE 537 - Fall 2017

Speech Processing Fundamentals

All papers are due in class by Wednesday, December 13 (the last day of class). No exceptions!


Each topic spans about two weeks of lecture.
1) Speech acoustics non-stationarity (Webster eqn., Source-filter Model)
Experiment #1
2) Acoustic Phonetics
3) Fourier methods, autocorrelation, pitch tracking
Experiment #2
4) Time Domain methods, sampling, quantization, ADPCM
Experiment #3
5) Psychoacoustics (4 lectures by Prof. Jont Allen)
  • Prof. Allen will give lectures beginning on 10/18. Prof. Levinson will be present at the first one and the last two. The topics of the lectures will be cochlear modeling, psychoacoustics and pitch perception.
6) Homomorphic processing, cepstrum
7) LPC and Webster, prediction residual, acoustic similarity
Experiments #4 and #5 (speech recognition and synthesis)
8) Research topics and applications:
  • Speaker ID
  • Speaker verification
  • Voice mimic and translating telephony
  • Synthesis
  • Recognition
  • Coding


These texts will be drawn from throughout the course.

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