ECE 513/Exams

ECE 513 Exams and Grading


  • Midterm 1: March 7, in class.
  • Midterm 2: April 18, in class.
    • Coverage: through the end of Ch. 7
    • Materials allowed: 3 handwritten pages, two sided. No calculators or cell phones.
    • Prev Exam: Midterm 2, 2013

Grading Scheme

  • Homework: 10%
  • Exam 1: 30%
  • Exam 2: 30%
  • Final Project: 30%


ECE 513 (Vector Space Signal Processing) covers mathematical tools in a vector space framework, including: finite and infinite dimensional vector spaces, Hilbert spaces, orthogonal projections, subspace techniques, least-squares methods, matrix decomposition, conditioning and regularizations, bases and frames, the Hilbert space of random variables, random processes, iterative methods; applications in signal processing, including inverse problems, filter design, sampling, interpolation, sensor array processing, signal and spectral estimation, sparse approximation and compressed sensing. Course Information: Prerequisite: ECE 310, ECE 313, and Math 415.