ECE/CS 498: Mobile Computing and Applications (Sp 2018)
From linear algebra, probability, and data analytics ... to sensing techniques ... to applications in localization, gesture recognition, augmented reality, drones, etc.

mobile sensing
 Time and Location:
  M/W, 3-4:20pm @ 2015 ECEB
 Instructor:                 Romit Roy Choudhury
 Office hours:             After class

 Course TA:               Sheng Shen    
 TA hours:                  Tue 2-3pm @ CSL Basement

 Prerequisites:            Linear Algebra, Probability
                                     Programming (Py or Matlab)

 Course Description:
 This course will teach a variety of ideas, concepts, techniques, and algorithms, that are all crucial to understanding and developing mobile
 systems and applications.
The course will begin from first principles and ramp up to real-world systems and technologies. Keywords
 related to this course includes: GPS, drones, motion tracking, localization, data analytics, acoustics, IMU sensors, mobile security, data
 analytics, signal processing, pattern recognition, etc.

 Course Topics:

    - Foundations
                                    (linear algebra refresher, signal processing from scratch, probability refresher ...)
    - Mobile sensors                          (GPS, IMU, microphone, camera, vibration motor, RF (WiFi, BLE, UWB, Cellular))
    - GPS and indoor Localization     (trilateration, triangulation, differential GPS, SLAM, AoA estimation, dead reckoning ...)
    - Motion tracking                              (3D orientation, HMMs, Kalman filtering, inference, clustering, walking analytics, sports analytics, ...)
    - Gesture recognition                        (clock synchronization, Doppler, FMCW, Correlation, ...)
    - Pattern recognition                     (DTW, finger tracking, smart toys, ...)
    - Sensor security and privacy        (side channels, non-linearity, classification, cross-domain attacks, ...)
    - Sensor fusion                             (camera and motion, augmented reality, noise cancellation, ...)

 Grading Information:

    - Homework (2):                         15%
    - Paper reviews (10):                   15%
    - 1 mid-term exam:                      25%
    - Final project (part 1 + 2):         15% + 30%

Course Calendar (subject to changes)
Lecture Content:
Deadlines and ToDo Items:
- Overview slides

- Linear algebra refresher
- Introduction to signal processing
- Probability refresher

- linAlg-notes1,   linAlg-notes2
- Probability-notes

HW1 (math basics)
due Feb 18
Mobile sensors:
- Overview of sensors on mobile devices

- Video on understanding IMU

GPS and Indoor Localization:
- GPS and differential GPS (review first 6 pages of SafetyNet)
- WiFi localization (RADAR), Ambience localization (SS)
- Unsupervised localization (UnLoc)
- RF localization (ArrayTrack)

- GPS slides
- RADAR, SS slides
- UnLoc slides
- Beamforming notes, Array slides

- SafetyNet (1) and RADAR reviews
both due Feb 21 (before class)

- UnLoc review due
Motion Tracking:
- Foundations of 3D orientation
- Ball and player tracking for sports analytics
- Foundations of Bayesian inference and tracking (HMM, Viterbi, Kalman filters)
- Map matching (Zee), and Arm tracking (ArmTrak)

- 3D orientation notes
- iBall slides
- HMM, Viterbi notes
- Zee, ArmTrak slides

- HW2 released
- iBall review due
- HW2 due
Gesture Recognition:
- Time synchronization and ranging (2-way, 3-way), Doppler, BeepBeep
- FMCW, AAMouse
- CAT, WiTrack, FingerIO

- Time Sync notes
- FMCW, AAMouse notes, slides
- WiTrack, FingerIO notes, slides

- BeepBeep review due
- AAMouse review due
Pattern Matching:
- Dynamic time warping (DTW), Remote control (uWave)
- Finger tracking (MoLe), Smart toys (Buzz)

- DTW notes, uWave slides
- MoLe, Buzz slides

Sensor Security and Privacy:
- Side channels, Non-linearity, Acoustic side channels (Backdoor)
- Vibraphone, Gyrophone, DroneCrash
- IMU fingerprinting, AccelPrint

- Non-linearity notes
- Vibra/Gyrophone slides
- Fingerprinting notes, Accel slides
Sensor Fusion:
- Practical AR (OverLay), Visual fingerprinting (InSight)
- 3D orientation from GPS signals (SafetyNet)

- OverLay, Insight slides
- SafetyNet (2) slides