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ECE 496-499

ECE 496: Senior Research Project

Catalog Description: Individual research project under the guidance of a faculty member: for example, mathematical analysis, laboratory experiments, computer simulations, software development, circuit design, or device fabrication. Preparation of a written research proposal, which includes preliminary results. 2 undergraduate hours. ECE 496 and ECE 499 taken in sequence fulfill the Advanced Composition Requirement. No graduate credit. Prerequisite: RHET 105; consent of instructor.
Prerequisite: Senior standing; RHET 105; and consent of instructor.
Credit: 2 hours.
The grade for ECE 496 will be assigned upon completion of ECE 499. ECE 496 without ECE 499 will receive an F.
No graduate credit for this course.

ECE 499: Senior Thesis

Catalog Description: Completion of the research project begun under ECE 496. Preparation and oral presentation of a written thesis that reports the results of the project. 2 undergraduate hours. To fulfill the Advanced Composition Requirement, credit must be earned for both ECE 496 and ECE 499. No graduate credit. Prerequisite: ECE 496 and consent of instructor.
Prerequisite: ECE 496 and consent of instructor.
Credit: 2 hours.

Overview and Registration:

ECE 496 and ECE 499 are individual study courses for seniors majoring in electrical engineering or in computer engineering to undertake research projects. Students with a GPA of 3.25 or higher are eligible to take ECE 496/499.

In ECE 496, a student begins a project, performs preliminary research and writes a series of progress reports. In ECE 499, the student completes the project, finishes writing the thesis, and makes an oral presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The completion of both ECE 496 and ECE 499 satisfies the campus Advanced Composition requirement and optionally the Senior Project requirement (ECE 445).

To register for ECE 496/499 and complete the course requirements:

  1. Fill out the ECE 496/499 Application Form and return to Room 2120 ECE Building (Undergraduate Advising Office),
  2. Document your research and thesis progress on the ECE 496/499 Checklist (to be returned to Room 2120 ECE Building at the completion of ECE 499),
  3. Electrical Engineering students whose project does not involve the design and construction or testing of electronic devices or hardware are required to complete a Special Circuit Project in the ECE 445 lab during the semester they take ECE 499. Enrollment in ECE 445 Special Circuit Project is to be initiated by the student by contacting the head TA of ECE 445 or by signing up at the ECE445 website during the second week of the semester. Computer Engineering students taking 496/499 are not required to do the Special Circuit Project.
  4. Give an oral presentation of your Senior Research results during the spring or fall Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  5. Submit a draft of your Senior Thesis to the Editorial Services Office, rooms 2064 and 2066 ECE Building, for grammar and format check at least 10 days before Reading Day.
  6. Revise your draft copy in accordance with the suggestions from the Editorial Services Office (to be checked by the thesis advisor),
  7. Submit an electronic copy of the final version of your Senior Thesis (checked and approved by the thesis advisor) and the completed ECE 496/499 Checklist to room 2120 ECEB by the first day of finals week.
  8. If the submitted thesis does not meet the standards of the Guideline for Senior Thesis (below), the thesis will have to be corrected and the grade will not be released until it is corrected.
  9. Guidelines for Senior Thesis. Thesis template for ECE 499.

The grade for ECE 496/499 is assigned by the thesis advisor, the formal instructor of ECE 496/499 specified in ECE 496/499 Application Form.

For more information contact:

The ECE Undergraduate Advising Office

Contact: ECE Webmasters