Fall 2017






Image Source: Physics.org
Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office
9:30-10:50AM, Tue & Thur 4070 ECEB Yingjie Zhang (yjz@illinois.edu) Wed. 1-3 pm 5225 Beckman Institute

Textbooks: Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers, 1st ed. by D.A.B. Miller, Cambridge University Press, 2008.

                    Quantum Transport: from atom to transistors, 2nd ed., by S. Datta, Cambridge University Press, 2005.

Recommended Reading (not required): Quantum Mechanics, 1st ed., by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Bernard Diu, and Franck Laloë, Wiley-VCH, 2005. 

Lecture Schedule & Notes (Tentative, subject to change. ATTENDANCE IN LECTURE REQUIRED)

Tuesday (9:30 - 10:50) ECEB 4070

Thursday (9:30 - 10:50) ECEB 4070

Fundamental Principles of Quantum Mechanics

8/29 L1. Course Introduction 8/31 L2. Waves, particles, and Schrödinger’s equation
9/5 L3.  Quantum wells and barriers 9/7 L4. Finite potential wells and harmonic oscillator
9/12 L5  Time-dependent Schrödinger equation & two-level qubits 9/14 L6.  Spin, measurements, and operators
9/19 L7.  Wave packets and particle current 9/21 L8.  Vectors, bra-kets, and operators
9/26 L9.  Vectors & operators II 9/28 L10.  Hermitian operators & commutation of operators
10/3 L11.  Uncertainty principle 10/5 Mid-term exam I

Quantum Transport

10/10 L12.  Continuous eigenvalues, real vs reciprocal space 10/12 L13.  Quantum transport and nano-transistors
10/17 L14. Quantum transport and nano-transistors II 10/19 L15. Quantum VS classical transport; single-electron transistors
10/24 L16. Band structure 10/26 L17 Band structure II
10/31 L18. 2D materials: lattice & band structure 11/2 L19. Band engineering in 2D and other nanostructures
11/7 L20. Band engineering in naonstructures II 11/9 L21. Quantum transport in energy bands
11/14 L22. Ballistic transport and 1D conductance quantization 11/16 Mid-term exam II
11/21 Thanksgiving Break 11/23 Thanksgiving Break

Advanced Topics

11/28 L23.  Quantum statistics and electronic transport 11/30 L24. Tunnel FETs and quantum dot lasers
12/5 L25. Quantum information and quantum computing 12/7 L26. Final project presentation
12/12 L27. Final project presentation (continued) 12/14  Reading day (no class)
12/15  Final project paper due  



Homework 1, due 9/14Homework 1 solutions

Homework 2, due 9/28Homework 2 solutions

Homework 3, due 10/12Homework 3 solutions

Homework 4, due 10/31Homework 4 solutions

Homework 5, due 11/14 Homework 5 solutions

Homework 6, due 11/28

Assigned roughly every 2 weeks, posted on this website; Turn in at classroom before class starts on the due date (specified on each HW). 

Make sure to write your name and Net ID on the first page of your HW.



There will be two mid-term exams in class, and a final project (including oral presentations and a final paper). There will be no final exam. Tentative schedules:

Exam I announcementExam I formula sheetExam I solutions
Exam II announcementExam II formula sheetExam II solutions

Exam I Thursday, October 5, 2017
Exam II Thursday, November 16, 2016


Final Project

Announcement of Final Project Presentation & Paper




Homework 15% of total
Mid-Term Exam I 25% of total
Mid-Term Exam II 25% of total
Final Project Presentation 10% of total
Final Project Paper 25% of total


Policy on conflicts or emergencies

  1. For time conflicts with other events (e.g. another scheduled exam), or an official UIUC activity (e.g. varsity athletics, band concert): Regarding HW, please show official documentation about the conflict at least one week before the homework due date. The HW due date will be extended. Regarding the exam, please show official documentation about the conflict at least three weeks before our exam date. A make-up exam will be scheduled.
  2. If you will not be able to make it to the exam or submit HW on time due to serious illness or other emergent personal crisis (e.g. car accident) that are not described in (1), you must send an email to the instructor (yjz@illinois.edu) at the earliest possible opportunity, and submit a statement from the professionals that are authorized to evaluate your situations (e.g. doctors, police). The statement needs to clearly explain that you are not physically capable of attending the exam or submitting HW on time. The HW due date will be extended for HW, and a make-up exam will be scheduled for exam.