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Homework Assignments

Homework is usually assigned on Thursdays and due the Thursday of the following week. Gradescope info will be posted shortly.

Use entry code 6PDBYB to add the course on Gradescope where you will be submitting assignments. Best practice is to use your Illinois e-mail ID to make an account.

Read about how to submit assignments on Gradescope here. Some pointers:

  • Make sure your written work is legible. If TAs cannot read your work, they cannot grade it. They may ask you to resubmit or dock points off.
  • Do upload high quality PDF scans; most modern smartphones have a document scanning functionality.
  • Make sure to use the tools in Gradescope to mark where in your upload the answer to each question can be found.
    • One good practice is to start each question on a new page.
    • For a multi-page answer, associate all relevant pages with the question.
  • You are encouraged to typeset the homework. See here for some help (and here for the source).
  • The standard expectations on Academic Integrity apply. Your work must be your own.

This page is maintained by Homework TAs.

Weekly Homework Sets (Spring 2022)

Assignment Assigned On Due Date Supplemental files Solution
Homework 1 01/20 01/27 Latex (no graphics) Solution
Homework 2 01/27 02/03 Latex Solution
Homework 3 02/03 02/10 Latex (no graphics) Solution
Homework 4 02/17 02/24 Latex (no graphics) Solution
Homework 5 02/24 03/03 Latex (no graphics) Solution
Homework 6 03/24 03/31 Latex Solution
Homework 7 03/31 04/07 Latex Solution
Homework 8 04/07 04/14 Latex Solution
Homework 9 (EXTRA CREDIT) 04/28 05/05 Latex Solution