ECE 486: Control Systems
Fall 2017

General Course Information

This course is about the analysis and design of control systems with emphasis on modeling, state variable representation, computer solutions, modern design principles, and laboratory techniques.

Contact Information

Instructors: Prof. Ali Belabbas and Prof. Maxim Raginsky
Office: 166 CSL (AB), 162 CSL (MR)
E-mail: {belabbas,maxim} at illinois dot edu

Teaching Assistants:

Lab TA Lab Sections email
Khaled Alshehri AB6 kalsheh2 at illinois dot edu
Yinai Fan AB5 yfan17 at illinois dot edu
Yün Han AB1, AB4 han82 at illinois dot edu
Philip Pare AB3 philpare at illinois dot edu
Zhenghe Shangguan AB2 zhenghe3 at illinois dot edu
Homework TA email
Aristomenis Tsopelakos tsopela2 at illinois dot edu
Khaled Alshehri kalsheh2 at illinois dot edu

Control Systems Lab Manager:
Dan Block, d-block at illinois dot edu

Lecture and Office Hours

Lecture: Tue Thu 9:30 - 10:50am, location: 3017 ECE Building
Instructor office hours:
(note: office hours each week will be held by the instructor teaching that week)
Belabbas : Thursday 11AM to noon, in 166 CSL
Raginsky : Thursday 11AM to noon, in 162 CSL
Homework TA office hours:
(note: location or times might change during some weeks, please check announcements)
Aristomenis Tsopelakos: Mon (Wed) 12:00 - 1:00pm (10:00 - 11:00am), location: 141 CSL  
Check the laboratory section for lab TA office hours and locations.

Course Essentials

Prerequisite: ECE 210.
Text: Franklin, Powell, and Emami-Naeini, Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 6th or 7th ed., Prentice Hall. (If you have the 4th or 5th edition, you'll be be able to find most of the same material there, but it will be your responsibility to check the section numbers, exercise numbers, etc. against a later edition.)
Several supplementary texts are available in Grainger reserves.
You must obtain the lab notes from the ECE Store (1031 ECEB) prior to the first meeting of the lab, which will be the week of Sep 4.
Grading policy: Weekly Homework - 15%, Lab - 30%, Midterm Exams (2) - 15% each, Final - 25%. Note: at instructor's discretion, the grade break-up can be changed so that lab contributes 25% and final exam 30%. Homework is due at the beginning of class. No credit will be given for late homework.

Exam info:

If you have a conflict, please let the instructor know immediately. These exams have priority over any other commitments that might come up at a later date.

Academic Integrity

You should read the College of Engineering's Guide to Academic Integrity.

Brief Course Outline

I. Dynamic models and dynamic response (4 weeks)
Modeling examples, differential equations, impulse response, transfer functions, poles and zeros, state space models, feedback.

II. Root locus techniques (3 weeks)
Evans' root locus method, dynamic compensation.

III. Frequency response techniques (5 weeks)
Bode plots, Nyquist stability criterion.

IV. State feedback design (2 weeks)
State space models, similarity transformations, controllability, linear pole placement, estimator design.

ECE 486 Course Goals [pdf]