ECE 482: Digital IC Design

Course Description

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  • Description: This course is designed to provide senior students with in-depth analysis and design capability required for state-of-the-art low-power and high-performance digital integrated circuits. Topics include the physics of operation and terminal I-V behavior of MOS devices, design of the basic CMOS inverter and logic gates, static and dynamic circuits, storage elements and memories, and interconnect and I/O circuits. The course includes an design project in which students will get an opportunity to use industry-standard CAD tools to design a digital integrated circuit from specifications to layout. Click here more information:

  • Syllabus: ECE482 Syllabus

  • Prerequisite: Credit in ECE 198 KL or ECE 198 KL1 or ECE 198 KL2 or ECE 198 KL3 or ECE 220 or ECE 290  Credit in ECE 342.

  • Time and Place: 15:00 -15:50, MWF, 2017 ECE Building


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  • Choi, Wooseok

    • Office Hours: Thursday 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM, 419 CSL

    • Office for homework submission: 422 CSL

  • Sai Zhang

    • Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 419 CSL



  • 2015/8/19: Welcome to ECE482!
  • 2015/8/24: Homework is due Monday at 5pm. You can either submit your homework after the Monday lecture to the TA, or submit to CSL 422 to Wooseok before 5pm on the due date. No later homework will be accepted.
  • 2015/8/30: Midterm 2 will be held on 11/11 instead of 11/4 as stated in the original syllabus. An updated syllabus has been posted.
  • 2015/8/31: Homework is due weekly on Monday, you can submit either to the TA after lecture or to CSL 422 during 5:00 - 5:30PM.
  • 2015/8/31: Homework 2 is due Wednesday, Sep 9th 5:30PM to CSL 422. Homework 3 will be distributed on Sep. 9th.






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