ECE 459 - Fall 2015

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Friday, November 20, 2015
Updated Hw # 13.

I accidentally uploaded an older version of HW #13. An updated version is available here. It has changes in #5, #6, and #7. If you already solved the previous version, that is fine (the new version is marginally easier).

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Hw # 13 and solutions to hw # 12.

Solutions to hw # 12 are here.

Hw # 13 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, December 1.

Monday, November 16, 2015
Solutions to exam 2.

Solutions to exam 2 are here. Look at regrade procedure in exam section of the website.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Hw # 12 and solutions to hw # 11.

Solutions to hw # 11 are here.

Hw # 12 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, November 17.

Monday, November 9, 2015
Correction to solutions to HW # 10.

The solution to problem # 5 in hw #10 had an error, which has now been corrected. In part (a), the SNR had an extra factor of 2 in the denominator, which gave Ps=0.4W, instead of the correct Ps=0.2W. That also changed the solution to part (c) to S_T=4X10^7W instead of the correct S_T=2X10^7W.

Friday, November 6, 2015
Hw # 11 clarification.

In HW # 11, problem # 2, AM corresponds to DSB-TC., the message is zero-mean, and (S/N)_o is the same as SNR_o, the output SNR.

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Hw # 11 changes and Exam 2 logistics.

I made some changes to hw # 11. You can download the new version here. Problems 2(b), 3 and 5 were removed.

Exam 2 is next Thursday, November 12, 9.30-10:50am, EVRT 165, it covers up to and including today's material, as well as homeworks 1-11.

There will be a review next Tuesday, November 10, 6.30-8pm, 3013 ECEB.

You can find the exam from last year at the bottom of the exams section of this website.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Hw # 11 and solutions to hw # 10.

Solutions to hw # 10 are here.

Hw # 11 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, November 10.

Friday October 30, 2015
Change in review notes and comments on hw # 10.

I made a notation change in the review notes after discussing this during office hours. On the last page, all the in-phase and quadrature noise components are relative to the bandpass noise n1(t), so I changed the notation to make that clear.

On hw # 10, problem 4, assume that the noise and the phase error are independent. Also recall that if theta is small, then approximately, cos(theta)=1, sin(theta)=theta, and 1-cos(theta)=theta^2/2.

On hw # 10, problem 5, if the notation Si=Ps is confusing, ignore Si and just work with Ps.

Tuesday October 27, 2015
Hw # 10 and solutions to hw # 9.

Solutions to hw # 9 are here.

Hw # 10 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, November 3.

Thursday October 22, 2015
Hw # 9 and solutions to hw # 8.

Solutions to hw # 8 are here.

Hw # 9 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, October 27.

Wednesday October 21, 2015
Office hours today.

Office hours today, 4-5pm in room 3034.

Sunday October 18, 2015
Office hour and hw # 8 deadline reschedule.

Due to the last minute cancellation of my office hours this past Friday, I will reschedule them to the coming Wednesday, October 21. There is a poll in Piazza to select a convenient time for you.

The deadline to turn in HW # 8 will be moved to Thursday, October 22.

Wednesday October 14, 2015
Final exam date.

The final exam will take place on Monday, December 14, 1.30-4.30pm, in room ECEB 4026.

Tuesday October 13, 2015
Hw # 8 and solutions to hw # 7.

Solutions to hw # 7 are here.

Hw # 8 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, October 20.

Friday October 9, 2015
Changes to hw # 7.

As I mentioned at the end of lecture on Thursday, there are some changes to hw # 7. Problems 7 and 8 will be postponed to the next homework. The updated version is here.

Friday October 9, 2015
Office hour location change today 1-2pm.

The 1-2pm office hours today are moved to room 2036 ECEB. The 2-3pm slot remains in room 4034.

Tuesday October 6, 2015
Hw # 7 and solutions to hw # 6 and exam 1.

Solutions to hw # 6 are here.

Hw # 7 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, October 13.

Solutions to exam 1 are here. Look at regrade procedure in exam section of the website .

Tuesday September 29, 2015
Extra office hours, tables for exam, hw # 6 and solutions to hw # 5.

I will have additional office hours tomorrow, Wednesday, 4-4.50pm in room 3034 ECEB.

These are the tables that will be provided for the exam. Any other information that you think you'll need can be put in the sheet of notes that you are allowed to bring.

Solutions to hw # 5 are here.

Hw # 6 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, October 6.

Thursday September 24, 2015
Exam 1 logistics, plots for angle modulation.

Exam 1 is next Thursday, Oct 1, 9.30-10:50am, EVRT 165, it covers up to and including today's material, as well as homeworks 1-5.

There will be a review next Tuesday, September 29, 6-7:30pm, 3013 ECEB.

You can find the exam from last year at the bottom of the exams section of this website.

I will be posting the figures and plots too. Here are the ones so far for angle modulation.

Tuesday September 22, 2015
Hw # 5 and solutions to hw # 4

Solutions to hw # 4 are here.

Hw # 5 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, September 29.

Wednesday September 16, 2015
Typo in review notes page 7.

There was a typo in page 7 of the review notes. In the last line, where the baseband equivalent of y(t) is expressed in terms of the in-phase and quadrature components, the quadrature component had a minus sign that shoud have been a plus sign. I updated the review notes.

Tuesday September 15, 2015
Hw # 4 and solutions to hw # 3

Solutions to hw # 3 are here.

Hw # 4 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, September 22.

Thursday September 10, 2015
Office hours tomorrow, hw # 3 and solutions to hw # 2

The 1-2pm office hours tomorrow (Friday,9/11) have been rescheduled to Monday, September 14, 11am-12pm, room 3034 ECEB

Solutions to hw # 2 are here.

Hw # 3 is here, and it is due on Tuesday, September 15.

Friday September 4, 2015
Monday 9/7 office hours, and problem 6(b) in hw # 2

Monday office hours for next week (9/7) will be rescheduled as indicated below due to the holiday:
- Tuesday, September 8, 4-5pm, room 2032 ECEB
- Wednesday, September 9, 2-3pm, room 2032 ECEB

In problem 6(b) in hw # 2, the half power energy bandwidth is the same as the 3dB energy bandwidth.

Wednesday September 2, 2015
Notation change in Hw # 2 problem 9

There are some notation changes in Hw # 2 problem 9. You can download the updated version here.

Tuesday September 1, 2015
Hw # 2 and solutions to hw # 1

Solutions to hw # 1 are here.

Hw # 2 is here, and it is due on Thursday, September 10.

Friday August 28, 2015
Problem 1(d) of hw # 1

In problem 1(d) of hw # 1, you can assume that the f1 is different than f2.
During office hours today, I indicated that you can also assume that their ratio is a rational number. That is OK. If you don't make this assumption, the problem is more interesting though.

Thursday August 27, 2015
Office hours rescheduled for 8/28

The 1-2pm office hours tomorrow (Friday, August 28) have been rescheduled to 11am-12pm in room 3036 ECEB.

Tuesday August 25, 2015
Review notes

You can download the review notes here. They will be updated after every lecture.

Friday August 7, 2015
Welcome ECE 459 students!

To get started with the course, you can start reading carefully this website. You can find information about lecture, office hours, homework, exams, grading, etc. Please check this section for further announcements regularly.

Best wishes for the semester.

Review notes (last updated, Thursday, November 19, 2015.)

Course syllabus

Tables of impulse (delta) function
Table of important signals
Tables of Fourier series
Tables of Fourier transform

Lectures: TR, 9.30am-10.50am, 4026 Electrical & Computer Eng Bldg.

Lecture Attendance Policy: We invite relevant questions and comments during lectures. Address your questions and comments to the entire class; avoid disruptive behavior such as talking to neighbors, unless the instructor invites you to form discussion groups. Kindly turn off or mute cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices during lectures.

Suggested (not required) textbook: Custom book for ECE459, ISBN: 978-1269807500 (available at IUB and TIS). It has only the chapters that we cover from the textbook: J. G. Proakis and M. Salehi, Fundamentals of Communication Systems, 2nd edition, Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 978-0133354850. You can use either one as a reference.

Course Outline
  1. Representation of Signals and Systems
    • Introduction
    • Review of the Fourier Transform and linear systems
    • Hilbert Transform and bandpass systems
  2. Analog Modulation
    • Amplitude modulation: AM, DSB, SSB, VSB
    • Angle modulation
  3. Random Processes
      Introduction to random processes
    • Distribution and density functions of random processes
    • Mean, auto-correlation, and auto-covariance functions
    • Stationary random processes, wide sense stationary random processes
    • Linear filtering of random processes
    • Gaussian random processes through linear systems
    • Frequency domain analysis of random processes in linear systems, power spectral density
    • Noise, narrow band noise
  4. Noise in Analog Modulation
    • Signal-to-noise ratios in analog modulation systems
  5. Digital Communication
    • Sampling, quantization, quantization noise
    • Pulse code modulation, DPCM, delta modulation
    • Baseband pulse transmission, detection error probability
    • Digital passband transmission (PSK, QPSK)