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ECE 454: Antennas

Section Time Room Instructor Office Hours Office
B TH 3:30-4:45 3015 ECEB Erhan Kudeki MF 4 PM 2080 ECEB

Teaching Assistants: Yulun Wu - Office Hours: Wed 1:00 PM-3:00 PM at ECEB 3036

Course Outline and Reading Assignments: Specified in Course Calendar

Video Recordings: Available in Illinois Media Space ECE 458Illinois Media Space ECE 454

Supplementary Course Material: ECE 329 Notes ECE 350 Notes list of vector identities NRL Plasma Formulary Direction cosines Smith Chart Tool AARL Smith Chart Supp PP waveguide animation

Homework: Will be assigned on-line on this web page and collected on Thursday in class. The assignments and their solutions will be posted below in pdf format (if you are having font error issues, please update your Acrobat Reader).

Homework 1 (due 01/25) soln Homework 2 (due 02/01) soln Homework 3 (due 02/23) soln Homework 4 (due 03/02) soln Homework 5 (due 03/14) soln Homework 6 (due 04/6) soln Homework 7 (due 04/20) soln Homework 8 (due 05/4) soln Take Home Final (due 05/10)

No late homework will be accepted (except when special permission is granted by your instructor before the due date).

Some of the homework assignments will include problems to be solved using "partially completed" Mathematica notebooks to be provided to you. No prior experience with Mathematica will be required to complete these new ECE 454 assignments since partially completed notebooks to be provided will include syntax patterns that will be easy to learn and modify in order to complete the assignments. Watching the following videos prior to starting your first Mathematica assignment will be very useful: Notebooks Methods to Get Started Basic Calculations Basic Graphics Making Interactive Models

All engineering students have free access to Mathematica via Citrix remote server. Please download and install the Citrix Receiver software for your personal computer from Citrix Download or Citrix Download for Linux to have free access to Mathematica outside the EWS labs.

Grading Policy:

Homework and Class Participation 1/3 of total
Midsemester Exam 1/3 of total
Final Project 1/3 of total