ECE 453: Wireless Communication Systems
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ECE 453
Wireless Communication Systems


Prof. Steven J. Franke,,
5048 ECEB
Office hours: M-F 10am-11am


Section AB1: Da Wei,

Section AB2: Brandon Arakawa,

Section AB3: Elias Wilken-Resman,


ECE 453 will have its first lab on Tuesday, August 30.

Exam Schedule

Hour Exam 1: Friday, October 7 (In class exam - covers all material through oscillators)
Hour Exam 2: Friday, November 11 (In class exam - covers MN's through 2-port parameters)
Final Exam: Monday, December 12, 7-10 pm,  3013 ECEB
Hour Exams: You may bring one sheet (8.5" by 11") of notes
Final Exam: You may bring three sheets (8.5" by 11") of notes