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14 Button Remapping for GameCube Games such as Super Smash Bros Melee
Michael Qian
Srikanth Yaganti
Yeda Wu
Evan Widloski design_document1.pdf
Michael Qian, Yeda Wu, Srikanth Yaganti, mqian20, yedawu2, syagan2

Problem: In fighting games, it is usually beneficial to remap certain buttons to perform different actions for ease of doing combos. For example, a player might want to remap the X button on their controller from "jump" to "attack". This is present in the game settings of many popular fighting games except for Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo GameCube.

Solution: Create an adapter that sits between the GameCube and GameCube controller. The controller will plug into the adapter which plugs into the GameCube. Users will have an interface where they can choose how to remap their buttons. This adapter will then take in the signals of the button presses of the controller and translate them to signal button presses based on the button remapping. This hardware will also allow for button remapping for any other GameCube games

Solution Components:

Subsystem1: Microcontroller
This subsystem will perform the data reconfiguration of the incoming signal from the controller. It needs to remap certain input controls to different output controls while minimizing delay and maintaining compatibility with the GameCube console. Currently, we are looking at the Atmega328.

Subsystem2: Phone App
This subsystem will be the control unit to configuring/remapping buttons on game cube controller. It will have a user friendly UI that will allow users to pick and choose how to remap buttons.

Subsystem3: BlueTooth receiver/Transmitter
This subsystem will allow the phone app and the microcontroller to communicate. When the user submits a new configuration on the app, the bluetooth receiver will notify the microcontroller how to remap the buttons. We are considering using the HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Receiver:

Criterion for success:
Successful sending of button configuration from phone app to adapter.
Controller to console remapping without noticeable delay

Easy Cube Clock

Allan Englehardt, Jason Luzinski, Benjamin Riggins

Featured Project

Today's alarm clock market is full of inexpensive, but hard to use alarm clocks. It is our observation that there is a need for an alarm clock that is easy to set, and turn on and off with little instruction. Imagine an alarm that is set with the intuitive motion of flipping the clock over. When the alarm is on, you can see the alarm time on the top of the clock. To turn off the alarm, you simply flip it over to hide alarm display. Out of sight, out of mind. The front face of the clock will always show the current time, and will flip to the correct orientation.