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69 Face Identification Door Lock
Kaiji Lu
Zan Chen
Zekun Hu
Jacob Bryan design_review
There are situations when you are back home from supermarkets with lots of bags in your hands, or when you are holding foods that you could not free any of your hand to reach the door key in your pocket, or when you are locked out helpless. We will develop such facial recognition door lock that frees both of your hands and avoid locked-out situations.

We will design our own PCB that holds a input image sensor (OV7725), a microphone, a voltage regulator, a controller and DSP processor (ATMega328P, or seperate microcontroller and DSP chip) , USB port , and this will ouput the PWM to the motor driver which will drive the motor inside the lock.

We will use PYNQ board to run the identification model. It takes the DSP input from our PCB board and outputs the identification result back to the controller.

Thank you!

Growing Degree Day Monitor

Anthony De Roo, John Habegger, Jay Zhaoyu Yao

Featured Project

The purpose is to create an inexpensive growing degree day monitor that records temperature and computes growing degree days for a specific farming field during a growing season. This monitor will be placed near a farm field where it will monitor temperature conditions during the growing season. It will record both the ambient air and soil temperatures over the course of day. These temperatures will then be used to calculate the growing degree days. The cumulative number of degree days will then be displayed on either a seven-segment display or this can be downloaded to a computer. This monitor will be powered through a combination of both solar and battery power.