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65 Bike Safety Sensor
Edward Wang
Jerry Pitts
Kexin Hui design_review
One common problem when biking on campus is that you can't always see what is going on behind you. Sometimes it can be dangerous to turn your head around and take your focus off of what is in front of you. We plan on creating a device that can alert you when other bikes or cars are coming up from behind you, and want to pass. There is a product online that can do this with radar, but it is very expensive at around 300 dollars. It could be made cheaper using another type of sensor.

The object will be a belt with either ultrasonic or LiDAR sensors attached to it. The sensors will be used to measure distance and alert the wearer when an object exists in a blind spot or approaches too quickly. The belt will vibrate on the side that the object is so the person is alerted. This device will probably need to be battery powered, and have a long life.

Team Members
Jerry Pitts
Edward Wang

Cypress Robot Kit

Todd Nguyen, Byung Joo Park, Alvin Wu

Cypress Robot Kit

Featured Project

Cypress is looking to develop a robotic kit with the purpose of interesting the maker community in the PSOC and its potential. We will be developing a shield that will attach to a PSoC board that will interface to our motors and sensors. To make the shield, we will design our own PCB that will mount on the PSoC directly. The end product will be a remote controlled rover-like robot (through bluetooth) with sensors to achieve line following and obstacle avoidance.

The modules that we will implement:

- Motor Control: H-bridge and PWM control

- Bluetooth Control: Serial communication with PSoC BLE Module, and phone application

- Line Following System: IR sensors

- Obstacle Avoidance System: Ultrasonic sensor

Cypress wishes to use as many off-the-shelf products as possible in order to achieve a “kit-able” design for hobbyists. Building the robot will be a plug-and-play experience so that users can focus on exploring the capabilities of the PSoC.

Our robot will offer three modes which can be toggled through the app: a line following mode, an obstacle-avoiding mode, and a manual-control mode. In the manual-control mode, one will be able to control the motors with the app. In autonomous modes, the robot will be controlled based off of the input from the sensors.