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65 Bike Safety Sensor
Edward Wang
Jerry Pitts
Kexin Hui design_document0.pdf
One common problem when biking on campus is that you can't always see what is going on behind you. Sometimes it can be dangerous to turn your head around and take your focus off of what is in front of you. We plan on creating a device that can alert you when other bikes or cars are coming up from behind you, and want to pass. There is a product online that can do this with radar, but it is very expensive at around 300 dollars. It could be made cheaper using another type of sensor.

The object will be a belt with either ultrasonic or LiDAR sensors attached to it. The sensors will be used to measure distance and alert the wearer when an object exists in a blind spot or approaches too quickly. The belt will vibrate on the side that the object is so the person is alerted. This device will probably need to be battery powered, and have a long life.

Team Members
Jerry Pitts
Edward Wang

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Yingxi Hai, Hanze Tu

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Featured Project

Electronic music concerts usually need eye-catching visual aids to create a certain atmosphere. Laser musical instruments is a great way to do this. We have been thinking of this project for a while and it was ECE445 that made this laser harp come true. The novelty of this project is that the harp-like laser device mainly focuses on playing articulations with laser and sensors, as a true universal MIDI controller, to control timbres that are synthesized or sampled. Articulations include piano/forte, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento. With the help of Professors and TAs, we learned how to pick right the components, design PCB, soldering, and program microcontroller. Those skills are not only useful in this class but also really important to electrical engineers. Also, we learned how to use individual strengths, combined with effective teamwork, in the pursuit of meaningful goals.

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