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55 Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery Pack with Controllable Voltage Output
Zhuohang Cheng
Zihao Zhang
Bryce Smith design_review
Team Members:

Zhuohang Cheng (zcheng14)

Zihao Zhang (zzhng130)

Project Description:
This project involves a rechargeable battery pack with following features:
1. Will have a solar panel as power source which can constantly provide dc power to the battery pack when the user is doing outdoor activities.
2. Can also be charged by the power grid with 110V.
3. Can discharge AC or DC power with adjustable voltage level, from 5V to 25V DC, and from 20V to 120V AC.
4. Will have battery management system to indicate the voltage level, output current and charge/discharge condition.

Project Uniqueness:
The rechargeable battery packs are not user-friendly today. Most of them can only output one voltage level, and users need to buy extra voltage converter to fit their device. We would like our battery to output adjustable voltage level which could satisfy every device for our users. Also, it can provide constant power in daytime without concerns of out of battery.

Project Requirements:
For this project, we need to build a storage battery pack using several parallel-connected rechargeable batteries. Converters and inverters will be needed to regulate the input and output voltage. A portable box with surface-mounted solar panel provides the flexibility of outdoor activities. To monitor and control the discharging process, a microcontroller with display screen will be necessary for user interaction.

Easy Cube Clock

Allan Englehardt, Jason Luzinski, Benjamin Riggins

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Today's alarm clock market is full of inexpensive, but hard to use alarm clocks. It is our observation that there is a need for an alarm clock that is easy to set, and turn on and off with little instruction. Imagine an alarm that is set with the intuitive motion of flipping the clock over. When the alarm is on, you can see the alarm time on the top of the clock. To turn off the alarm, you simply flip it over to hide alarm display. Out of sight, out of mind. The front face of the clock will always show the current time, and will flip to the correct orientation.