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47 Rowing Tracker
Jai Agrawal
Kerem Gurpinar
Nathaniel Zurcher
Nicholas Ratajczyk appendix
I am a member of the U of I Rowing team and an issue we often have is an inability to see our output on the water. When we row indoors the machines give us real time feedback on our output and let us know if we’re on track.I would like to develop a device that would take the force output of the oar on water and relay this information to the users phone.

While devices do exist that track the distance traveled and pace of the boat, these readings are based only off GPS. While useful, this does not solve the problem of finding out individuals output in a boat with more then one person.

The oar passes through an oar lock prior to going into the water. All of the force that moves the boat forward is applied at the pivot point of the oar lock. I figured placing some kind of pressure sensor in-between the oar and the lock would capture the input force.

As for other sensors our group has discussed including gyroscopes to capture the cadence of the boat and a gps unit to track distance and speed.

Bone Conduction Lock

Alexander Lee, Brandon Powers, Ramon Zarate

Featured Project

A lock that is unlocked using vibrations conducted through the bones in the user’s hand. The user wears a wristband containing a haptic motor. The haptic motor generates a vibration signal that acts as the "key" to the lock. When the user touches their finger to the lock, the signal is transmitted through the user’s hand and is received at the lock. If the lock receives the correct "key", then it unlocks.

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