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47 Rowing Tracker
Jai Agrawal
Kerem Gurpinar
Nathaniel Zurcher
Nicholas Ratajczyk appendix
I am a member of the U of I Rowing team and an issue we often have is an inability to see our output on the water. When we row indoors the machines give us real time feedback on our output and let us know if we’re on track.I would like to develop a device that would take the force output of the oar on water and relay this information to the users phone.

While devices do exist that track the distance traveled and pace of the boat, these readings are based only off GPS. While useful, this does not solve the problem of finding out individuals output in a boat with more then one person.

The oar passes through an oar lock prior to going into the water. All of the force that moves the boat forward is applied at the pivot point of the oar lock. I figured placing some kind of pressure sensor in-between the oar and the lock would capture the input force.

As for other sensors our group has discussed including gyroscopes to capture the cadence of the boat and a gps unit to track distance and speed.

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Kaan Erel, Alexander Van Dorn, Jacob Waterman

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Featured Project

Our idea is to make an inexpensive alternative to traditional pedal powered guitar effects boxes. Essentially, we hope to implement a single aftermarket effects box that can be remote controlled via a mobile app. This low-power, Bluetooth connected application can control the box to change effects on the go. The hardware within the effects box will be able to alter the guitar's signals to create different sounds like echoing, looping, and distortion effects (and possibly more). These effects will be implemented using analog circuits that we will design and construct to be controlled by an app on your phone.

This project eliminates the expensive buy-in for a guitarist hoping to sound like any number of famous musicians with multiple effects pedals. On top of this, it also aims to get rid of the clutter that comes with the numerous pedals and boxes connected to an amplifier. Many pedals today don't even have a visual interface to select effects through some sort of menu. The app will also provide a much more handy and portable visual representation of the possible effects all from the phone in your pocket!


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