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Emily Wang
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Team Members:
Shannon Kuruc (kuruc2)
Emily Wang (eswang3)
Tony Xiao (tsxiao2)

Inspired by the sustainable and low-cost farming efforts in Kenya (, we consulted with Professor Brian Lilly in order to tackle to issue of sustainable fish farming in Kenya. The intention is to create a low-cost tank monitoring kit to aid in the monitoring and efficiency of running a sustainable small-scale aquaponic farm.

We are looking to sense the pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, or oxygen levels (or some combination of) levels of a small-scale fish farming tank. Currently, this farm has no electronic monitoring equipment. Our goal is to be able to interface together an LED display, solar panel with small battery for power, and the necessary sensors to improve the efficiency of the small-scale farm. Our design would be useful for assisting the farmers in maintaining multiple tanks and improving their profit margins. The ultimate goal of the project would be to create a very low-cost kit for fish farmers.

We are proposing to use a pH sensor (conductivity-sensing), dissolved oxygen sensor, microcontroller, battery pack for when the sun goes down, solar panels, and controls for the pre-existing pump (acts as oxygenator). The battery would power the system for about 4 hours total overnight and we have estimated a 60 WHr battery will be used.

As a potential stretch goal, Professor Lilly is interested in gathering the sensor data and uploading it to a server so he can track the tanks while here in the United States. We may implement this extra feature with Arduino.

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Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG signals

Michael Luka, Siddharth Muthal, Raj Vinjamuri

Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG signals

Featured Project

Mike, Raj, and Sid created a "Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG/EKG Signals" to improve doctor and nurse workflow and to create a platform for further improved healthcare instrumentation interface.

This project featured:

-Wireless data transmission

-Real-time ECG/EKG Analysis and Diagnostics

-Visual feedback on a patient gown

-Low power circuitry

-Improved comfort compared to current portable ECG devices

Project Videos