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43 Real-Time Sound Visualization
Lin Le
Qian Chen
Xinyue Yu
Dongwei Shi design_document0.pdf
We plan to design a sound visualization model by using a pitch detector to detect pitch and output with musical notation on the screen. Furthermore, we are going to store the melody and mimic piano sound on chips.

1. Detect Pitch.

We plan to make a pitch detector in hardware to detect sound in real time at a 10k sampling rate, and a LED light to indicate when it is ON or OFF. An autocorrelation analysis, center clipping, infinite peak clipping will be used to build up the detector.

2. Output music notation in real time.

Once a note has been detected, it will show on the screen at the right position. The previous notes on the music notation will move right. It will look like flowing music. The screen will be connected on a black board with detector in which we could display the sound in real time.

3. Store the melody.

We are going to store the melody in pitch into registers for future replay.

4. Mimic instruments sound.

we will use instrument sounds package, like guitar, piano, and violin to replay the melody on arduino. The mimic will not be in real time and only for replay mode.

RFI Detector

Jamie Brunskill, Tyler Shaw, Kyle Stevens

RFI Detector

Featured Project

Problem Statement:

Radio frequency interference from cell phones disrupts measurements at the radio observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Many visitors do not comply when asked to turn their phones off or put them in airplane mode.


We are planning to design a handheld device that will be able to detect radio frequency interference from cell phones from approximately one meter away. This will allow someone to determine if a phone has been turned off or is in airplane mode.

The device will feature an RF front end consisting of antennas, filters, and matching networks. Multiple receiver chains may be used for different bands if necessary. They will feed into a detection circuit that will determine if the power within a given band is above a certain threshold. This information will be sent to a microcontroller that will provide visual/audible user feedback.

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