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8 Laser Tag Glove
Alexander Korfel
Carlos Lara
Keng Yan Lim
Jacob Bryan other
Our group wants to make a laser tag glove. The idea stems from childhood games where you pretend your hand is a gun. The index finger will emit the laser while the thumb acts as a trigger. We plan on using a contact sensor so the laser beam is shot every time you press your thumb against your index finger with a buzzer sound confirming the shot. The remaining three fingers will have flex sensors, which will ensure the hand has to be in a "finger gun" shape in order to work properly. Also, we will create a vest with 4 sensors in order to detect when each player is hit. At the moment we are planning on implementing the game for two players.

For record keeping, we plan on giving each player's glove an LCD display. The display will show statistics such as kills, deaths, and time remaining in the round. Player one will have 4 buttons to set the amount of lives and time the game will start with. If you are the last person standing or have the most lives once the timer runs out, you win the round and the LCD display will show that. We plan on making this battery powered, with the batteries located on the vest. In order to sync the players, we are planning to use WiFi.

S.I.P. (Smart Irrigation Project)

Jackson Lenz, James McMahon

S.I.P. (Smart Irrigation Project)

Featured Project

Jackson Lenz

James McMahon

Our project is to be a reliable, robust, and intelligent irrigation controller for use in areas where reliable weather prediction, water supply, and power supply are not found.

Upon completion of the project, our device will be able to determine the moisture level of the soil, the water level in a water tank, and the temperature, humidity, insolation, and barometric pressure of the environment. It will perform some processing on the observed environmental factors to determine if rain can be expected soon, Comparing this knowledge to the dampness of the soil and the amount of water in reserves will either trigger a command to begin irrigation or maintain a command to not irrigate the fields. This device will allow farmers to make much more efficient use of precious water and also avoid dehydrating crops to death.

In developing nations, power is also of concern because it is not as readily available as power here in the United States. For that reason, our device will incorporate several amp-hours of energy storage in the form of rechargeable, maintenance-free, lead acid batteries. These batteries will charge while power is available from the grid and discharge when power is no longer available. This will allow for uninterrupted control of irrigation. When power is available from the grid, our device will be powered by the grid. At other times, the batteries will supply the required power.

The project is titled S.I.P. because it will reduce water wasted and will be very power efficient (by extremely conservative estimates, able to run for 70 hours without input from the grid), thus sipping on both power and water.

We welcome all questions and comments regarding our project in its current form.

Thank you all very much for you time and consideration!