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6 Automatic Trumpet Tuner
Anthony Baldassone
James Lithgow
Lowie Rodriguez
Jacob Bryan design_review
A large problem in any musician’s life is tuning. The tuning of an instrument changes every single time you take it out of the case, and even while playing. This can be detrimental at times, especially on longer notes where you can definitely tell whether one member of a band is out of tune or not.

Our project goal is to create an automatic tuner that is self-contained (battery operated), can be placed on the tuning slide, will automatically adjust the tuning based on the note you are playing, and has a simple enough interface to give the musician feedback on whether they are sharp, flat, or in-tune while the auto-tuner is turned on.

Major challenges to be overcome are interference from other sound sources, power delivery to the system using only batteries, using current and previously captured data to enhance the tuner’s accuracy, and researching motors (possibly a linear actuator) that will have enough force to push the slide in and out while still having a low power requirement.

As far as we know, a product like this has not yet been created for a trumpet, and could easily be adapted for other brass instruments that face similar issues.

Amphibious Spherical Explorer

Kaiwen Chen, Junhao Su, Zhong Tan

Amphibious Spherical Explorer

Featured Project

The amphibious spherical explorer (ASE) is a spherical robot for home monitoring, outdoor adventure or hazardous environment surveillance. Due to the unique shape of the robot, ASE can travel across land, dessert, swamp or even water by itself, or be casted by other devices (e.g. slingshot) to the mission area. ASE has a motion-sensing system based on Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and rotary magnetic encoder, which allows the internal controller to adjust its speed and attitude properly. The well-designed control system makes the robot free of visible wobbliness when it is taking actions like acceleration, deceleration, turning and rest. ASE is also a platform for research on control system design. The parameters of the internal controller can be assigned by an external control panel in computer based on MATLAB Graphic User Interface (GUI) which communicates with the robot via a WiFi network generated by the robot. The response of the robot can be recorded and sent back to the control panel for further analysis. This project is completely open-sourced. People who are interested in the robot can continue this project for more interesting features, such as adding camera for real-time surveillance, or controller design based on machine learning.

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