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19 SCARA Drawing Robot
Bingzhe Wei
Chenghao Duan
Tianhao Chi
Dongwei Shi design_review
Members: Bingzhe Wei (bwei6) Tianhao Chi (tchi3) Chenghao Duan (cduan2)

Title: SCARA Drawing Robot


We propose to develop a drawing robot based on an SCARA robot arm Overall system processing flow will be as follows:
1. User inputs image to image-processing program on PC.
2. Image processing with program on PC:
a. Style transfer via deep neural networks
b. Clustering of similar colors
c. Pixel fill algorithm to convert to vector strokes
3. Vectors sent to microcontroller program via USB or similar.
4. Microcontroller program does inverse kinematics and commands motors as necessary.

The combination of the SCARA design and stepper motors will enable a very stable and fast drawing platform, while the proposed image processing algorithms enable multiple, arbitrary styles and provide high-quality visual effects. We expect steppers will reduce the need for control.

Proposed circuit will contain an USB-to-Serial converter IC, ATmega644 microcontroller, stepper motor controllers, and optical phototransistors for feedback control, as well as associated support circuitry. We use an ATmega644 with 4K of RAM, double that of ATmega328 as found in regular Arduinos to ensure enough capacity for inverse kinematics, while power will be supplied via a standard wall plug adapter that outputs 12V DC.

Our team also has access to GPUs for training deep neural networks.

Our team members have taken the following courses:

ECE 470 - Robotics
ECE 486 - Control System
SE 423 - Mechatronics
ECE 515 - Control Theory and Design

ECE 547 - Topics in Image Processing - Deep Learning
CS 598 PS - Machine Learning For Signal Processing

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Yingxi Hai, Hanze Tu

Laser Harp MIDI Controller with Musical Articulations

Featured Project

Electronic music concerts usually need eye-catching visual aids to create a certain atmosphere. Laser musical instruments is a great way to do this. We have been thinking of this project for a while and it was ECE445 that made this laser harp come true. The novelty of this project is that the harp-like laser device mainly focuses on playing articulations with laser and sensors, as a true universal MIDI controller, to control timbres that are synthesized or sampled. Articulations include piano/forte, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento. With the help of Professors and TAs, we learned how to pick right the components, design PCB, soldering, and program microcontroller. Those skills are not only useful in this class but also really important to electrical engineers. Also, we learned how to use individual strengths, combined with effective teamwork, in the pursuit of meaningful goals.

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