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9 Package Anti-Theft System
John Graft
John Simonaitis
Joseph Bianco
Zipeng Wang design_review
The basic idea of our project would be an anti-theft system for protecting packages from Amazon and other online retailers from being stolen. Instead of being based on locking up the package in a box, which is expensive and hard to use, we would use a weight and alarm based deterrence system, that detects if a package has been taken by the removal of weight and sets off a very loud alarm scaring away thieves, similar to a car alarm. In order to take the package, it would have to be "unlocked" by either a phone or pin code. Included in this project would be developing a durable chassis to protect the package, weight and lift sensors with corresponding code, a solar cell/battery system to make it very easy to use (similar to a calculator that doesn't need a charger, wifi capabilities, and an app that tells if your package has arrived or been stolen, and to shut off the alarm.

The partners would me (John Simonaitis, simonts2), Joe Bianco (jbianco2), and John Graft (graft2).

Environmental Sensing for Firefighters

Andri Teneqexhi, Lauren White, Hyun Yi

Environmental Sensing for Firefighters

Featured Project

Hyun Yi, Lauren White, and Andri Teneqexhi earned the Instructor's Award in the Fall of 2013 for their work on the Environmental Sensing for Firefighters.

"Engineering is all about solving real life problems and using the solutions to improve the lives of others. ECE 445 allows you to actually delve deeper into what this really means by providing students the chance to undergo the engineering design process. This requires taking all of the theoretical knowledge, lab experiences, and ultimately, everything that you have ever learned in life, and applying it to your project. Though, there is structure to the course and deadlines in place to measure your team's progress, the actual design, implementation, and success of your project is all determined by you. Unlike any other course that I have taken, I've gained an appreciation for the utilization and benefits of external resources, unforeseen scheduling delays, delegating tasks, and most importantly, teamwork. I consider ECE 445 to be a crash course into real life engineering and a guide to become a successful engineer." -- Lauren White