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9 Package Anti-Theft System
John Graft
John Simonaitis
Joseph Bianco
Zipeng Wang design_document0.pdf
The basic idea of our project would be an anti-theft system for protecting packages from Amazon and other online retailers from being stolen. Instead of being based on locking up the package in a box, which is expensive and hard to use, we would use a weight and alarm based deterrence system, that detects if a package has been taken by the removal of weight and sets off a very loud alarm scaring away thieves, similar to a car alarm. In order to take the package, it would have to be "unlocked" by either a phone or pin code. Included in this project would be developing a durable chassis to protect the package, weight and lift sensors with corresponding code, a solar cell/battery system to make it very easy to use (similar to a calculator that doesn't need a charger, wifi capabilities, and an app that tells if your package has arrived or been stolen, and to shut off the alarm.

The partners would me (John Simonaitis, simonts2), Joe Bianco (jbianco2), and John Graft (graft2).

Propeller-less Multi-rotor

Ignacio Aguirre Panadero, Bree Peng, Leo Yamamae

Propeller-less Multi-rotor

Featured Project

Our project explored the every-expanding field of drones. We wanted to solve a problem with the dangers of plastic propellers as well as explore new method of propulsion for drones.

Our design uses a centrifugal fan design inspired by Samm Shepard's "This is NOT a Propeller" video where he created a centrifugal fan for a radio controlled plane. We were able to design a fan that has a peak output of 550g per fan that is safe when crashing and when the impeller inside damaged.

The chassis and fans are made of laser-cut polystyrene and is powered using brushless motors typically used for radio-controlled helicopters.

The drone uses an Arduino DUE with a custom shield and a PCB to control the system via Electronic Speed Controllers. The drone also has a feedback loop that will try to level the drone using a MPU6050.

We were able to prove that this method of drone propulsion is possible and is safer than using hard plastic propellers.

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