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2 Robotic Caricature Artist
Honorable Mention
Dylan Huang
Peter Kuimelis
Soumithri Bala
Xinrui Zhu design_document0.pdf
We want to make a robotic “caricature artist” consisting of a 2D pen plotter, made from an end-effector (with a pen), some string, and stepper motors, mounted vertically onto an easel. A computer equipped with a camera would capture our subject, vectorize the image, and pass it to our plotter, which would draw the image onto a piece of paper.
This project can be broken into modules which can be designed (or procured) and tested independently: 1) a software module that uses basic image processing operations to apply a cartoon effect to our image 2) a software module that converts a raster image to a vectorized format 3) a software module that converts a vectorized image to G-code instructions 4) and finally, a 2-D plotter that receives G-code instructions.
This project is appropriate for a senior design project because it combines many aspects of the ECE curriculum such as circuit design, mathematics, and algorithms. This project is unique, because we are combining many concepts into a single product -- there exist 2D pen-plotters and software capable of vectorizing images, but the two have never been combined into a single device that achieves our goal of emulating a human caricature artist.

LED Cube

Michael Lin, Raymond Yeh

LED Cube

Featured Project

LED technology is more advanced and much more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs and as such our team decided we wanted to build a device related to LEDs. An LED cube is inherently aesthetically pleasing and ours will be capable of displaying 3D animations and lighting patterns with much increased complexity compared to any 2D display of comparable resolution. Environmental interaction will also be able to control the various lighting effects on the cube. Although our plan is for a visually pleasing cube, our implementation can easily be adapted for more practical applications such as displaying 3D models.