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20 Self-Standing Monopod
Diyu Yang
Jianan Gao
Xin Chen
Luke Wendt design_document0.pdf
Group member: Diyu Yang, Xin Chen, Jianan Gao

Problem Description: When doing photography we usually needs tripods to stablize our camera. However, the problem with a tripod is that it's heavy to carry, difficult to setup, and it does not have too many shooting angles for the camera. Plus it requires a perfectly flat ground to use tripod, which is somewhat inconvenient for photographers.

Our proposal to this problem is to design an auto-standing monopod. The monopod would take advantage of PID control. There would be pendulms attached to the end of the pod, and by changing the angular velocity of the pendulums we would be able to make the pod balance by itself under any circumstances.

Drum Tutor Lite

Zhen Qin, Yuanheng Yan, Xun Yu

Drum Tutor Lite

Featured Project

Team: Yuanheng Yan, Zhen Qin, Xun Yu

Vision: Rhythm games such as guitar hero are much easier than playing the actual drums. We want to make a drum tutor that makes playing drums as easy as guitar hero. The player is not required to read a sheet music.

Description: We will build a drum add-on that will tutor people how to play the drums. We will make a panel for visual queue of the drum and beats in a form similar to guitar hero game. The panel can be a N*10 (N varying with the drum kit) led bar array. Each horizontal bar will be a beat and each horizontal line above the bottom line will represent the upcoming beats.

There will be sensors on each drum that will fire when the drum heads is hit. The drums will be affixed with ring of light that provides the timing and accuracy of the player according to the sensors.

Of course with a flip of a switch, the drum could be a simple light up drum: when the player hits the drum, that particular drum will light up giving cool effects.

The system will be on a microprocessor. Or for more versatile uses, it could be connected to the computer. And a app will be written for the tutor.

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