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20 Self-Standing Monopod
Diyu Yang
Jianan Gao
Xin Chen
Luke Wendt design_document0.pdf
Group member: Diyu Yang, Xin Chen, Jianan Gao

Problem Description: When doing photography we usually needs tripods to stablize our camera. However, the problem with a tripod is that it's heavy to carry, difficult to setup, and it does not have too many shooting angles for the camera. Plus it requires a perfectly flat ground to use tripod, which is somewhat inconvenient for photographers.

Our proposal to this problem is to design an auto-standing monopod. The monopod would take advantage of PID control. There would be pendulms attached to the end of the pod, and by changing the angular velocity of the pendulums we would be able to make the pod balance by itself under any circumstances.

Propeller-less Multi-rotor

Ignacio Aguirre Panadero, Bree Peng, Leo Yamamae

Propeller-less Multi-rotor

Featured Project

Our project explored the every-expanding field of drones. We wanted to solve a problem with the dangers of plastic propellers as well as explore new method of propulsion for drones.

Our design uses a centrifugal fan design inspired by Samm Shepard's "This is NOT a Propeller" video where he created a centrifugal fan for a radio controlled plane. We were able to design a fan that has a peak output of 550g per fan that is safe when crashing and when the impeller inside damaged.

The chassis and fans are made of laser-cut polystyrene and is powered using brushless motors typically used for radio-controlled helicopters.

The drone uses an Arduino DUE with a custom shield and a PCB to control the system via Electronic Speed Controllers. The drone also has a feedback loop that will try to level the drone using a MPU6050.

We were able to prove that this method of drone propulsion is possible and is safer than using hard plastic propellers.

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