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50 Smart Black/Whiteboard Cleaning System
Lan Li
Yichen Gu
Luke Wendt design_document0.pdf
Although powerpoint is widely used in presentation nowadays, black/whiteboards are still not replaceable in some situations. After a long presentation or lecture, it is very possible for the presenter to forget cleaning the board. It is OK if the board is filled with lecture notes. But if the it is confidential information, there will be a problem. Also it is a hassle for professors to clean up the black board every time it is all written.

We would like to design a cheap black/whiteboard cleaning system. By simply waving a hand at a motion sensor mounted beside the blackboard, the brush will go from one side to the pin location you previously put on, and travel back, brushes 2 times in total. More details and functionality are presented below.

Technical Details:
This project will contain three modules:

Brush module: A vertically placed brush pressed to the board.

Motor module: Sliding rail on top and bottom of the board. 2 motors on each side of the rail to drag a wire attached to the rail, to move the brush.

Control module: This module contains three different submodules.
Wave-Clean: An ultrasonic sensor on the side of board, facing upwards. When presenter wave his/her hand at the sensor, board is cleaned.
Leave-Clean: Motion sensors around the room. When no movement for 5mins, clean the board
Partial-Clean: Presenter can put a locating pin on the rail. The brush will then move from the side to the pin, and only cleans part of the board.

It will also include a small rechargeble battery pack to power the motor.

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Kaan Erel, Alexander Van Dorn, Jacob Waterman

Pocket Pedal - A Bluetooth Controlled Effects Box

Featured Project

Our idea is to make an inexpensive alternative to traditional pedal powered guitar effects boxes. Essentially, we hope to implement a single aftermarket effects box that can be remote controlled via a mobile app. This low-power, Bluetooth connected application can control the box to change effects on the go. The hardware within the effects box will be able to alter the guitar's signals to create different sounds like echoing, looping, and distortion effects (and possibly more). These effects will be implemented using analog circuits that we will design and construct to be controlled by an app on your phone.

This project eliminates the expensive buy-in for a guitarist hoping to sound like any number of famous musicians with multiple effects pedals. On top of this, it also aims to get rid of the clutter that comes with the numerous pedals and boxes connected to an amplifier. Many pedals today don't even have a visual interface to select effects through some sort of menu. The app will also provide a much more handy and portable visual representation of the possible effects all from the phone in your pocket!


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