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12 Chalk Robot
Instructor's Award
Enyu Luo
Jun Min Leonard Lim
Neil Christanto
A stand alone two-wheeled (with an extra ball wheel for balance) robot that will take a picture file and draw the outline of the picture on the floor. There are two main parts: the image processing unit and the robot itself. After the image is read, we will convert it to an outline then vectorize it. Then we send the vectors to a microcontroller that will control the two motors, thus controlling the movement of the robot. Since the image doesn't have to be processed in real time, something like raspberry-pi or panda board will work. For the chalk, we will use an actuator in the middle of the robot, with a spring on top of it to make sure that the force exerted on the chalk is pretty much constant. To determine the position of the robot, encoders will be attached to the wheels (the position relative to the starting point is calculated).

Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG signals

Michael Luka, Siddharth Muthal, Raj Vinjamuri

Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG signals

Featured Project

Mike, Raj, and Sid created a "Smart Patient Gown for Monitoring ECG/EKG Signals" to improve doctor and nurse workflow and to create a platform for further improved healthcare instrumentation interface.

This project featured:

-Wireless data transmission

-Real-time ECG/EKG Analysis and Diagnostics

-Visual feedback on a patient gown

-Low power circuitry

-Improved comfort compared to current portable ECG devices

Project Videos