Eagle Assignment

Video Lecture

Video , PDF Tutorial


This assignment introduces you to the Eagle PCB layout software. You will use the Eagle software to design the PCB of a predefined circuit, including the design of custom packages. Please see the assignment sheet for details on the circuit that must be created and the Eagle Tutorial for help with using Eagle.

Note that although other PCB layout software exists, Eagle is quite popular and creates files that the ECE electronics shop can utilize to create the boards for you. Feel free to use another software package, but realize that this may limit your ability to have your board fabricated in house, requiring you to contract to an outside shop. More information on this can be found on the Order a PCB page.

Requirements and Grading

Grading will follow the rubric found at the end of the assignment sheet. Please note that students are required to complete this assignment individually.

Submission and Deadlines

Students will submit their eagle files to their TA via email by the deadline listed on the Course Calendar.

Growing Degree Day Monitor

Anthony De Roo, John Habegger, Jay Zhaoyu Yao

Featured Project

The purpose is to create an inexpensive growing degree day monitor that records temperature and computes growing degree days for a specific farming field during a growing season. This monitor will be placed near a farm field where it will monitor temperature conditions during the growing season. It will record both the ambient air and soil temperatures over the course of day. These temperatures will then be used to calculate the growing degree days. The cumulative number of degree days will then be displayed on either a seven-segment display or this can be downloaded to a computer. This monitor will be powered through a combination of both solar and battery power.