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Software Resources

The lab computers in EL246 are equipped with a number of useful programs, including the standard Microsoft Office suite, OrCAD 9.1, Agilent VEE 6.0, Labview, MATLAB, and more. Check out the list of installed ECE445 software. For more detailed help on some software, see the sections below.


OrCAD is a useful development package that includes programs for making schematics of digital or analog circuits (Capture), simulating those circuits (PSPICE), and laying out printed circuit boards (Layout Plus).

Agilent VEE 7.0

The VEE programming environment is a tool for integrating test and measurement equipment in a computer. It allows for control and display of any HPIB devices on the bench (oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, etc.). If you need to capture and print something off a scope, this is the software to use.

Xilinx Alliance 3.1 (FPGAs)

Xilinx Alliance 3.1 is available on the lab machines; this software allows for compilation, synthesis, layout and timing analysis from HDL's and other intermediate EDIF /netlist files. Hardware options then include using a breadboard adapter, a custom PC Board, or an existing FPGA board from the ECE 249 or 311 class. Xchecker cables can also be borrowed, allowing programming via the serial or parallel port using JTAG or the parallel loading function of the FPGA.

LabVIEW software documentation

National Instruments has extensive technical support available on it web site. The information includes sample software and product manuals. All of the PCs have LabVIEW 5.1.1 installed on them.

NI-DAQ board documentation

The first four computers on the left in 246EL contain the National Instruments PCI-DIO-32HS data acquisition board. Here is some configuration information for the LabView DAQ boards. NOTE: Make sure that the DAQ Configuration and Test Panels pass before trying to use in LabView.