ECE 418 Lab Policy

Due Date

Labs reports, code, and images are due the midnight before the weekend.

Source Code and Images

·         What to submit

Do not submit standard files provided to you, such as, image.h,, fft.h, etc. Only submit source files that you create or modify, and the images that are created. Please do not submit object files, or executables. Comment your source code to clearly explain the purpose of each part of your program. Otherwise, points will be deducted.

Lab Report

·         What to submit

Turn in an electronic copy (PDF or MSWORD file) of your report. Use document preparation software such as LaTeX (or its convenient Lyx implementation) or MS Word.

Do not include any source code in your report, since you are already submitting your source code as a separate file(s).

The lab report is to meant to help you develop the skills to effectively communicate your understanding of three important aspects of different image processing algorithms: motivation, governing principles, and accompanying effects. Lack of clarity and poor organization will be penalized.

Include at least the following sections: