Lab Report

In your lab write-up, write an introduction and a conclusion, which discuss the following general points:
Along with other relevant points, answer the following questions, and include question numbers in your report (to identify which part of your report answers which question).

There isn't much theory in this lab, so emphasize what you observe from the video sequences.

Q1. Compare the reinterpolated images in the synthesized sequence to the corresponding frames of the real football sequence in part B of the lab. Why is there a difference? For which subsampling/interpolation scheme is the difference large for each image? Why?

Q2. Describe how you would implement the pyramid decomposition in the spatial domain (e.g., on a 512x512 image). (Fancier versions of this idea are actually used in many video coding systems. Once pyramid decompoisition is carried out in the time domain, one can do it in the spatial domain as well.)

Q3. How many multiplications and additions are required to do the compression procedure of the pyramid coding method? Count each subtraction as one addition (they have the same complexity). Normalize your numbers by the total number of pixels in the video sequence, to get multiplications/pixel and additions/pixel.

Q4. Answer Q3 for the decompression procedure of the pyramid coding method.

Q5. Under what conditions is intensity interpolation good for recovering lost frames? When is it bad? Explain your answers.

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