ECE 411

ECE 411


Spring 2018


Late Policy

Late Submission
All late submissions must be submitted both in a physical copy and an electronic copy, which must be identical. The late physical copy is put in the 411 dropbox, located on the 3rd floor, ECEB. The electronic copy must be posted on Piazza as a private note. The submission date on piazza will be used for penalty calculation.

Machine project (MP) checkpoints and final submissions must be turned in by 5pm on the due date. After these late days are used, the following penalty will apply to late submissions:

Flexible Days
Each student will get 3 flexible days to use during mp0 through mp2. During a late submission, a student may specify in the electronic submission on Piazza how many flexible days they want to use. That is, in the private note simply state how many flexible days you would like to use. Please do not post ahead of your late submission. Create a single late submission post when you have completed the assignment and are ready to turn in all of the required items.

Additional Exceptions
Additional exceptions can only be given by Professor Kim.

Grade Breakdown